24 Free Birthday Card Templates

24 Free Birthday Card Templates

It is the thought that counts, at least that is what people say until they receive an e-mail birthday card from you for their birthdays. While digital cards save time and can be pretty, nothing beats receiving a real card in person or through the mail.

The fact that someone took the time to acknowledge you and go the extra mile on your special day means a lot. That feeling makes it essential that you know how to write the perfect birthday card

To learn how to write and send off that perfect card, just keep reading our article. It has the information to guide you to the pinnacle of birthday card success.

What is a birthday card?

These cards are designed to show a friend, family member, or loved one how much they mean to you. You get to express your feelings through a card that may be pre-printed or handwritten by you.

A birthday card is usually printed on very high-class paper, has a nice design and a few words of greeting. The inside may be a poem, a special phrase, a joke, or your note.

However it is designed, you are sending them a special greeting making sure they know you love and care about them. In today’s world, a birthday card can also be a digital greeting with the same sentiments and designs to them.

No matter the format, a birthday card lets the recipient know they are loved. The card can be delivered in person or sent through the mail.

Birthday Card Templates

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    What is an e-birthday card?

    Technology has a way of upgrading everything. Birthday cards are no exception to this phenomenon. Technology has made it possible for you to find the right birthday card without leaving your home or office.

    All you have to do is turn on your computer and search for a digital card that you like and think the recipient will enjoy. All you have to do is select the right one, add a few typed words of greeting and send it via e-mail or some other digital service.

    Using one of these cards saves on gas, paper, and stamps, making them very environmentally friendly.

    What to include

    1. The birthday greeting. This lets the recipient know exactly why they are receiving the card.

    2. A nice cover design. Even when you make your own, the front page should have a colorful and happy design on it.

    3. A sweet message. Or a comical one depending on the person you are sending it to. There should be some nice birthday wishes, an expression of personal sentiment, or whatever fits the situation. Each person is different, so the message will not always be the same for each person you send a card to

    4. Your signature. Always sign your name as anonymous cards drive people crazy. If the card is accompanied by a gift, the recipient will want to know who to thank.

    How to make a birthday card

    There are different ways to make a birthday card. When you go to the store, most of the work is already done for you. All you have to do is add a personal note and sign your name. That is all there is to that option.

    Then, you can make the card yourself, and you will need paper, colored pens, pencils or markers, and stickers if you want to use them. Here are the steps to make a card.

    1. Fold the card to the size you want it to be
    2. Next, do a nice cover design. This can simply be the words happy birthday, or you can add a nice drawing, a sticker or two, and so on. You have lots of leeways here but make it nice.
    3. Add a special poem or saying inside with a personal note to add a little more sentiment to the card
    4. When you are satisfied with the look, sign it and put it in the envelope.

    When you are going to use a digital format, the process is even simpler.

    1. Go to the birthday card website
    2. Scroll through the different cards to see which one will fit the person you are giving it to
    3. Make your selection and move on to the interior
    4. Either write your own little note or pick one of the pre-written greetings the website offers
    5. ‘sign’ your name and fill out any details the website needs to send the card to the right person
    6. Click ‘send’ or ‘finish’ and the website will send the card off.

    When and how to send it

    If you are going to deliver the card personally, then right before or the day of the person’s birthday is okay to give it to them. There usually are not issues with this method you have to worry about.

    The same goes for sending one through a digital format. You can send it the day before if you want as these websites have almost instant delivery and the card will get there on time.

    The delivery you will have the most to worry about will be the traditional mail service. The postal service can get slow at times and timing the card to arrive on the birthday or the day before can be quite difficult.

    The key is not to wait till the last minute to send it off. You may lose a friend if the card arrives a week or more late. When you mail the card depends on where the two of you live. You should give at least a month advance mailing if you live across the country from each other.

    When you live in the same state or city, a week to two weeks in advance should suffice. When it comes to birthdays, being early is always better than being late. When it comes to mailing and how you mail it depends on you and the people you are sending the card to.

    Final Thoughts

    Some people like digital cards because they are very convenient and easy to send. However, those cards lack the personal touch special days like birthdays require. If you want to give your friend or loved one the special personal touch, then send their card in the mail or hand-deliver it personally.

    Those are the best two ways to send a birthday card. Just do not be late or you may have some explaining to do.