Birth Plan Templates and Checklists

Birth Plan Templates and Checklists

Pregnancy can make you so thoughtful since you need to know almost everything about the baby before delivering. These things include breastfeeding, the car seat brand, and whether you plan to go back to work or reside home after delivering. However, most people find it difficult to come up with a birth plan.

If you fall among these people, worry less because the birth plan template will give you some labor and delivery experience ideas. Ideally, it is also the appropriate time for you to develop a birth plan since the long-awaited day is almost here with you.

What is a birth plan?

This is a written plan that communicates your goals and wishes during, before, delivery, and after labor. Furthermore, it offers upcoming parents an excellent birthing case scenario. It gives you a clue on how labor, as well as delivery, comes along. Apart from listing your preferences, your birth plan is likely to factor in what is functional and practical. It also makes you knowledgeable on what is feasible and what your birthing center can offer you. Your birthing plan might not feature everything a birth plan needs to have. Doctors usually ask expectant mothers to ensure that they fill out their birth plans.

What is a birth plan Template?

A birth plan template is a document that makes it easy for you to communicate the birth preference, more so with your health care providers. On the other hand, some health care centers incorporate a fantastic birth plan template that is free. This means you should not find it difficult to generate a birth plan. You only need to download a birth plan template. When you have a downloaded and printed birth plan template, it assists you in organizing your thought. Ensure that you carry it anywhere so that when your baby makes an appearance.

When you do this, you make the delivery process easier because the nurses can easily tell what you need and how you want your things done. Besides, when time is due, ensure that you give out your birth plan right on time. You must understand that there is no wrong or even right way to develop your birth plan. Some birth plan templates are detailed enough, while some grant basic information. Expectant mothers are different, and their expectations differ too. Therefore, the birth plan usually rolls down to an individual preference.

Birth Plan Templates and Checklists

Birth Plan Template #01

Birth Plan Template #02

Birth Plan Template #03

Birth Plan Template #04

Birth Plan Template #05

A sample low intervention birth plan

Birth Plan for Twins and Some Triplet Sets

Birth Plan Template

Birth Plan Worksheet

birth plan

My birth plan

my birth preferances

Our Family Birth Plan

Your Birth Plan

Your Sky Ridge

Birth Plan Template

    Essential Elements of a Birth Plan Template

    The birth plan template usually features essential elements, such as:

    • Basic information- This entails your name, support’s person name, hospital, induction date or due date, and the practitioner’s name.
    • Before labor- It includes the health factor, your planned delivery, and details of your birth team.
    • During labor- You must know that this features what you would like to do if it is medically possible. This includes specific positions for birthing, among many more things you would love during your labor and delivery.
    • Medical interventions- This features your preferences. You circle what you will need and write a text to any given options you would love to avoid.
    • Pain relief- Here, you are also given options. Ensure your circle what you love and a text to what should be avoided.
    • Delivery- You need to circle what you prefer.
    • C-section- Circle what you would love if medically possible and a text to what should be avoided.
    • Newborn care- Here, you also need to circle what you refer and write a note to what should be avoided

    Should You Create a Birth Plan?

    It is not a must that you incorporate a birth plan. However, many parents find it suitable because it allows them to consider what they love and feel prepared for the coming of their babies. You must know that a birth plan guarantees you an awesome birth experience, prevents miscommunication as well as conflict. On the other hand, it also reduces disappointments and unrealistic expectations.

    A birth plan is also useful in a big doctors’ practice group since you will not likely meet your physician, more so during the appointment. In smaller health centers, patients usually have an opportunity to share what they want with their providers. A birth plan can also initiate a dialogue between the practitioner as well as the patient. This is likely to happen if you are not sure about how the health care provider feels when it comes to your birth preferences. Therefore, before your labor starts, a birth plan is necessary to put your thinks in order.

    Having a birth plan due time usually helps you to feel prepare, especially for labor and delivery. Besides, it makes you feel empowered when you express your preferences. Before you write your birth plan, you need to know that it is a written understanding between you and the practitioner, but it is not a contract.

    Birth Plan Checklist

    You must be wondering how a birth plan checklist looks like. However, this should not worry you. Below is what a birth plan checklist entails:

    Which position would you love to use during both delivery as well as labor?

    It is good to make sure that your provider knows your preference for your delivery and labor. You should also include what you require when you require perineal support at birth.

    What medication do you prefer for pain relief when experiencing labor and delivery pains?

    Suppose you are birthing in your ideal hospital. You probably have numerous options for IV and epidural pain medication. The hospital can also offer you a nitrous oxide option, which must be administered through the mask. You can also include it in your birth plan, especially if you do not prefer medication.


    Sometimes expectant mothers usually want to be induced. This means you have to understand methods that are usually used during this entire process. Moreover, foley bulb, Cytotec, Pitocin are commonly used during induction, more so for an individual who is not having a contraction. Similarly, Pitocin can be used to maximize the frequency of your contraction. Additionally, you can position forceps or vacuum tools under your baby’s head when pushing to assist your baby come out. Bear in mind that all the methods of delivery usually feature cons and pros. It is better that you familiarize yourself with these methods. This will showcase whether your preference for using them or not in your birth plan.

    To whom should the question be directed

    When you are hospitalized, or you are at the birth center, or the midwife reaches your house during labor. There will be several questions they would ask and need someone to respond to them. Suppose you would love your partner to answer, ensure you indicate that under your preferences.

    What would you prefer wearing when you are in labor?

    You should ensure that you know what you want to wear during labor, whether you prefer wearing your clothes or the hospital gown. In addition, each person has their preference when it comes to this. Some usually choose to purchase the labor gown and wear it during delivery, while some do not mind the hospital gown. Despite the option you choose, you must know that birth can be messy, and the gown you wear cannot be easy to clean.

    Do you need to drink and eat during labor, or would you love to get fluids via an IV?

    Most expectant mothers usually find it extremely difficult to drink and eat during labor. However, it would help if you familiarized yourself with the benefits and risks of your nutrition when in labor.

    What comfort measures are you likely to bring with you?

    You must inform your care provider whether you would love to utilize alternative lighting to build a home with an excellent atmosphere. Additionally, flameless candles or Christmas lights can initiate a cool birth environment. Suppose you would love to have music, essential oil, audio hypnotherapy as well as music. Ensure you lift them under your preferences.


    The birth plan usually makes you feel prepared for labor as well as delivery. Things might not go 100% as planned, but at least some things on your birth plan will be considered. Therefore, it is necessary always to ensure that you have a birth plan before your delivery, bearing in mind that childbirth is never predictable.