Birth Certificate Templates

The birth of a child is a wonderful experience! But, with it, comes a few legal things that need to be taken care of. In this case, we are talking about birth certificates. Birth certificates are documents, normally filed with a relevant agency or office after the birth of a child. There is normally a certain window in which you have to file this paperwork so that a child’s birth can be noted, and they can be considered a legal citizen. A birth certificate can also be defined as a legal document that is usually prepared by a government office to act as a record of a newborn child’s birth.

It is crucial to have this documentation to have and can help in a number of situations. For instance, to get a passport and travel internationally, government offices require this document a proof of identification. Many countries require this document as a form of identification when you try to attain a job. While birth certificates themselves are legal documents that have to have a certain formating and must be filed with the government, you can create your own decorative, celebratory birth certificates at home to celebrate the arrival of your new child.

Free Birth Certificate Templates

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    Sample Birth Certificate

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    Sample birth certificate template

      Birth Certificate Templates for Boys

      20 Birth Certificate Template Bear Toys Blank Design #4351

      19 Birth Certificate Template Happy Baby Fillable Template #4350

      18 Birth Certificate Template Aeroplane Printable in Word #4349

      17 Birth Certificate Template Ball Printable and Editable #4348

      16 Birth Certificate Template Elephant Fillable Certificate #4347

      15 Birth Certificate Template Bus Blank Template #4346

      14 Birth Certificate Template Train Editable Certificate #4345

      13 Birth Certificate Template Car Customize in Word #4344

      12 Birth Certificate Template Blue Blank Design #4343

      11 Birth Certificate Template Boy Fillable Template #4342

      10 Birth Certificate Template Lion Printable in Word #4341

      9 Birth Certificate Template Girrafe Printable and Editable #4340

      8 Birth Certificate Template Boat Fillable Certificate #4339

      7 Birth Certificate Template Birds Blank Template #4338

      6 Birth Certificate Template Toys Editable Certificate #4338

      5 Birth Certificate Template Ballons Customize in Word #4336

      4 Birth Certificate Template Playing Blank Design #4335

      3 Birth Certificate Template Ducklin Fillable Template #4334

      2 Birth Certificate Template Baby Printable in Word #4333

      1 Birth Certificate Template Bear Printable and Editable #4332

        Birth Certificate Template for Girls

        20 Birth Certificate Template Fairy Fillable Certificate #4371

        19 Birth Certificate Template Rabbit Blank Template #4370

        18 Birth Certificate Template Bear Car Editable Certificate #4369

        17 Birth Certificate Template Magic Mug Customize in Word #4368

        16 Birth Certificate Template Elephant Blank Design #4367

        15 Birth Certificate Template Cupcake Fillable Template #4366

        14 Birth Certificate Template Magic Bear Printable in Word #4365

        13 Birth Certificate Template Baby Girl Printable and Editable #4364

        13 Birth Certificate Template Baby Girl Printable and Editable #4364

        12 Birth Certificate Template Bunny Fillable Certificate #4363

        11 Birth Certificate Template Butterflies Blank Template #4362

        10 Birth Certificate Template Boots Editable Certificate #4361

        9 Birth Certificate Template Swan Customize in Word #4360

        8 Birth Certificate Template Tom Blank Design #4359

        7 Birth Certificate Template Ponny Fillable Template #4358

        6 Birth Certificate Template Stars Printable in Word #4357

        5 Birth Certificate Template Kites Printable and Editable #4356

        4 Birth Certificate Template Craddle Fillable Certificate #4355

        3 Birth Certificate Template Princess Blank Template #4354

        2 Birth Certificate Template Ballons Editable Certificate #4353

        1 Birth Certificate Template Sleepy Baby Customize in Word #4352

          The Purpose of a Birth Certificate

          Birth certificates outline the physical details of an individual. For instance, their name, their parent’s name, their birth gender, where they were born and the date of the birth. Often times, it will also indicate the religion of the parents if the child was born in a religiously affiliated hospital.

          This document is extremely important to have and is often required as a form of identification. For instance, you may need a birth certificate to get admission into school, to get an identification card, and when applying for a passport or travelling internationally.

          They are also used by government agencies to document and maintain records of birth for a particular state, region or territory. Normally, government authorities will issue a birth certificate to you after they confirm some personal details for you and your child. While these are usually straightforward documents, some counties, states, and regions have more decorative layouts to their certificates so they can be displayed.

          What is Included on a Birth Certificate?

          Birth certificates include the key details for an individual. Every legal birth certificate should include:
          • The newborn’s full legal name. This should include first, last, and any middle names that have been bestowed upon the child.
          • The ethnicity of the child. In many countries, the ethnicity of the child is put onto the birth certificate for identification purposes.
          • The date of birth. This allows a government agency to determine who you are and identify you over someone with the same or a similar name.
          • Your parent’s names. This is another way to identify you in comparison to another person with the same name. This will include the mother’s maiden name if the parents are married.
          • The place of birth for your parents.
          • The religion of the parents if the child was born in a relgious facility or region. Many hospitals have relgious affiliations and these are included if the parents do not identify.
          • The place of birth. This will include the country, state or region.

          Types of Birth Certificates

          There are two main types of birth certificates that are recognized.

          The first type is a “Certified Copy of an Entry”. This is an original entry in the birth registry and gives all recorded details that were mentioned above. These are normally notarized by a government official.

          The shortened version is called a “Certificate of Birth”. This shows the child’s full name, sex, date of birth, and place of birth. It will not give details about the parents and cannot be used if you need proof of parentage. A short certificate is normally issued to you free of charge.

          Both versions can be used to verify your identity and can support other documentation, such as an identification card, when you need to verify your identity. It may be beneficial to clarify whether you need proof of parentage when someone says they require your birth certificate for identification. Many government agencies will require a “Certified Copy of an Entry” over a “Certificate of Birth”.

          Why Birth Certificate Templates?

          A blank birth certificate template can help parents to create a more artistic and fancy birth certificate for their child. This can be used to commemorate a child’s birth and to celebrate. In the case of a template, there are clear places that can be customized for an interested party in any way that you wish.

          These templates are easily printable and are more decorative than the legally granted birth certificates. They are more pleasant to be framed and scrap-booked.

          How to Design a Printable Birth Certificate

          To design a birth certificate, you need to download a template. These templates are fully customizable in Microsoft Word and you can change colors, fonts, sizes, and more. This will be your general blueprint for your birth certificate.

          You will then need to fill in the certificate with the correct information. The template gives you ideas as to where you should fill in the necessary information.

          Make sure that you always save your work so that you are not making an unfixable mistake. This allows you to make alterations without overriding the design too much.

          You should also make sure that your color scheme works well. For instance, you should make sure that contrasting colors are used throughout so that the certificate is both aesthetically pleasing but can also be read.

          After you make all of your necessary changes, you can print it. Home printers work well for this, or you can have it printed by a professional printing company.