40+ Best Gift Certificate Templates for this Christmas

Sometimes, the perfect Christmas gift can’t be picked up on the high street. It’s not on the shelves, and you can’t browse for it online either. You can’t buy it from anybody or anywhere because it’s unique to you and your recipient. So, what you need is a custom gift certificate that represents your love. 

If you can’t wrap your gift in a box this Christmas – perhaps it’s an experience, promise, or commitment – you could create a personalized gift certificate instead. They’re particularly valuable for gifts that aren’t easy to hand over or involve a bit of a delay. You might have organized a dream holiday, for example, but this would leave nothing tangible to wrap up on Christmas day. 

Christmas gift certificate templates are when the Christmas gift you plan to purchase is out of stock or when you want to commit to a gift but do not have enough money at the time (sort of like an IOU). Christmas gift certificates also play a very important role in the holiday season for business promotions to spread awareness of the brand.

Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

There are lots of different styles, formats, and layouts you could use to create beautiful and festive Christmas gift cards or certificates. Below are some examples and templates in Microsoft Word you can use to create your perfect Christmas certificates.

What Is a Gift Certificate for Christmas?

There are no rules on what your gift certificate for Christmas should look like. You can take creative liberties and come up with an exciting layout and design that’s sure to delight your recipient. It should contain some basic details (at a minimum) such as space for your name, your recipient’s name, and a description of the gift or the monetary value offered instead. 

You may also wish to include a Christmas message and lots of fun, festive images to add excitement, color, and a sense of personalization. 

If your gift certificate is a personal creation to be given to a friend or family member, you can carefully add their details. If the gift certificate is for a customer of your business, you might prefer to leave the details blank. It depends on how the gift certificate will be used and whether or not it’s a unique token or part of a Christmas promotion. 

How to Create a Christmas Gift Certificate

When creating Christmas gift certificates, the key pointers are always to be aware of your audience and make sure the tone matches. As already mentioned, there is minimal written content on a gift certificate, so it should be a straightforward process.  Here are some tips and advice for your gift certificates:  

  • Research designs and visual templates online first. That way, you know how much writing to include and what sort of layout to use. 
  • If the gift certificates are a corporate resource, consider using high-quality paper and printing inks. They should look and feel valuable even though they are a paper stand-in for the real gift/or an equivalent monetary value. 
  • At a minimum, include the following details (or space for the details to be added): recipient’s name, gifter’s name, description of the gift/or equivalent monetary value, expiry date if applicable and/or details on where the certificate can be spent. 
  • Before you finalize your gift certificate design and print it out, check it for spelling and grammar errors. You don’t want to end up with a hundred incorrectly spelled vouchers. 
  • If the gift certificate is a corporate offer, don’t forget to include your company’s brand logo! You should also consider adding redemption codes so that people cannot fraudulently use your gift certificates. 

Christmas Gift Wording Ideas

There isn’t a great deal of text on a Christmas gift certificate, so make you choose the words carefully. If you’re using the gift certificate as part of a company offer, and your customers will decide how and when to distribute theirs and to whom, leave ample space for them to personalize it with pens and crayons. 

It’s still a good idea to include a short festive message that gives the certificate an emotional impact. For gift certificates designed for families, you could use phrases such as ‘Here’s a festive treat for the one I love’ or ‘I’m sending all my love to you this Christmas.’ If your certificate is less personal, stick with something positive but broadly applicable like ‘Here’s a little gift to say, have a very merry Christmas Day!’    

If you’re writing a gift certificate to offer to a friend or family member personally, you can write pretty much anything you like on there. Here are some examples: 

Example 1

To our dearest Simone,

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

This gift certificate entitles you to:

4 x tickets to watch Hamilton in New York City (take your friends!)

Love and snuggles from Grandma and Grandpa

Example 2

To my darling wife (Monica),

I wish you the best Christmas in the world!

You’re going to…the Bahamas in February 20XX.

I love you baby, Merry Christmas.

Your Chandler

Christmas Gift Certificate Template (Santa and Reindeer)

Benefits of Using Custom Christmas Gift Certificates

Here are some benefits of opting for custom Christmas gift certificates this festive season. Whether you’re planning to delight a friend, a colleague, or a loyal customer base, they’re a quick and elegant way to demonstrate your generosity.  

  • Can be a great way to gift when money is tight. Personal gift certificates can offer favors, commitments, and promises if a tangible gift isn’t a possibility at the time. 
  • Even if money isn’t a deciding factor, gift certificates offer more opportunities for personalization. Why buy your dad more novelty socks when you can make him a handmade Christmas gift card and certificate? You can even scan family photos into your computer and add them to the design.  
  • Perhaps the gift you want to give is out of stock or only available on presale at Christmastime. Or maybe it’s something you’ve bought but won’t have in your hands immediately such as concert tickets. Gift certificates are a great stand-in. 
  • For businesses, gift certificates are a handy promotional tool. They encourage loyal customers to let their friends and relatives in on the secret and explore products they have known and loved for some time already. 

Christmas Gift Ideas

Personal gift vouchers offer generous gifters the freedom to present recipients with whatever they feel is valuable. Sure, you can link your gift certificate to a particular product, or you can unleash your creativity and think outside of the box. Here are some gift certificate ideas you might use this Christmas: 

  • Mums and grandmas love pampering and relaxation treats. You could buy the best women in your life a spa date and present it in the form of a festive gift certificate. Or, what about getting even more creative and creating a gift voucher for your own personally devised, lovingly created DIY home spa? 
  • Most people enjoy fine dining, so how about booking your spouse a dinner at an exclusive restaurant and presenting it as a chic gift certificate on Christmas Day. 
  • Younger kids can delight their parents with custom made ‘chores’ vouchers. One certificate gets mum or dad any household chore, at any time they want (completed by the certificate giver, of course).  
  • Homemade gift certificates are not just for Christmas. They also make wonderful gift ideas on birthdays, anniversaries, Fathers Day, and Mothers Day too. 

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