19 Free Printable Bathroom Cleaning Checklists (Word)

19 Free Printable Bathroom Cleaning Checklists (Word)

While you need to maintain excellent hygiene for all the rooms in your home, there needs to be greater emphasis on why this needs to be observed in the bathroom. This shouldn’t be a surprise because everyone in your home does spend some time in this room at some point during the day. But to ensure your bathroom is at all times sparkling clean, there are specific procedures you need to follow during the entire process. This way, you prevent unwanted issues such as a damp and warm environment that’s usually a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

Because you know the significance of the bathroom in your home, there’s a need to create a bathroom cleaning checklist. This way, you’ll be certain that everything is done accordingly to ensure your bathroom is clean and fresh.

What Is a Bathroom Cleaning Checklist?

It’s best to first understand the bathroom cleaning checklist before going any further. The bathroom cleaning checklist refers to a guidance tool that facility management personnel in charge of maintaining proper cleaning standards in commercial establishments use to guarantee cleanliness. In addition, this checklist is used to assess the cleaning staff’s performance in the commercial structures by checking they’ve completed doing against the bathroom checklist.

A bathroom checklist is recommended because it allows you to accomplish certain things, such as ensuring adherence to the standard cleaning practices and improved productivity. It’s also on this checklist that you get to record the state of your facilities and fixtures, such as repair requests, inventory of bathroom supplies, and damaged reports.

Using the bathroom cleaning checklist helps guarantee proper hygiene standards are maintained to keep away different bacteria strains present in the bathroom that can lead to infections. Its use also allows you to ensure the bathroom is always fresh and clean, thus appealing to the eye.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Templates & Examples

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    Essential Elements of a Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

    The bathroom cleaning checklist is vital because it ensures that you properly clean your bathroom to safeguard the well-being of everyone in your home. But for this checklist to be any good, there are certain essential elements you need to be done and this include;

    Clean The Vanity

    You should prioritize cleaning the vanity area and the sink at least once each week because a residue mixture passes through this area. Otherwise, you might be forced to use dangerous and harsh chemicals to eradicate the residue that will have accumulated over time. The best way to prevent this is by cleaning and scrubbing your sink and vanity area at least once weekly.

    Clean The Tub And Shower

    Ignoring this task for a couple of days will come back to haunt you because it’ll be a lot more difficult to complete. This is because you’ll most likely end up dealing with issues such as destroyed grout, water stains, and numerous molds. In some scenarios, you might need to hire a professional to help you clean the shower and tub.

    Shine The Mirror

    Once you’re through cleaning the sink and vanity, go ahead and use the same cleaners to wash the mirrors. This shouldn’t be difficult because you simply need to spray the mirrors lightly and use an old newspaper to wipe them down. Another substitute for the newspaper is paper towels which equally do an excellent job of adding some shine to the mirrors.

    Disinfect The Toilet

    The last thing you want to see on your toilet bowl is the sight of repulsive rings. This usually forms when you don’t clean your toilet often, thereby leading to the formation of scum on the bowl. Luckily, you can avert all this by using wiping down the bowl’s interior and exterior sections using a cleaner.

    Wipe Down The Shower Rods And Rings

    One of the most ignored areas when cleaning the bathroom is the curtain rods and rings. When this happens, mildew and stains start forming. And with most bathrooms featuring a combination of a shower and tub, there’s most likely a rod that provides support to the shower curtain. Wiping down the rods and curtain rings once every week does well in preventing the accumulation of mildew and stains.

    Clean Out The Drawers

    You must first organize and clean the drawers in your bathroom before cleaning the floors. Make sure to always do this, or else dirt, dust, and other unknown junk might eventually fall onto the floor. Therefore, you should only brush the floor once you’ve arranged the drawers and cabinets.

    Unclog The Air Vents

    It’s easy to forget to clean the air vents, but this is a mistake you don’t want to make. Otherwise, the air vent will, over time, get filled with a lot of residue due to the continuous use of hot water, which causes it to become dirty and eventually blocked. You can avoid all this by getting a ladder and using a bathroom cleaner and screwdriver to get rid of all the clogs.

    Wash The Medicine Cabinet

    The medicine cabinet in many homes often has lots of items that have never been used or need to be disposed of. You shouldn’t make such a mistake, and the best way to prevent this is by cleaning and organizing the medicine cabinet routinely after a few months. But before organizing, start by first wiping it down to ensure it’s clean.

    Scrub The Sink Fixtures

    Another item on your bathroom checklist should be scrubbing the sink fixtures using a solution such as baking soda. You also need to scrub the drain block as well. Once you’re done, thoroughly rinse the sink fixtures. After that, spritz a paper towel lightly using a bathroom cleaner and start wiping down.

    Clean The Floors

    This should be the last thing you do on your bathroom cleaning checklist. You can clean the floor either by sweeping or vacuuming it after a couple of days. After each week, you may decide to spray the floors and wipe the tiles. When cleaning the floors, it’s better to use rags and spray bottles instead of mops which are very big hence an impractical pick.

    The Bathroom Cleaning Checklist (Step-by-Step)

    Certain steps must be followed when cleaning the bathroom to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness, and this include;

    • Get rid of excess items: You must do this to give yourself space to clean your bathroom.
    • Spray cleaner: Apply a cleaning product of your choice to the different areas which require cleaning. Consequently, give it time to soak as you tidy up other spaces.
    • Fill the sink: Add warm water into the sink and proceed to add your preferred soap or cleaning product. The sink will act as the “bucket” when cleaning, where you can dip sponges and rugs. But before doing this, make sure to first clean and rinse it if it’s very dirty to prevent any contamination to the cleaning water.
    • Scrub: Remove mildew and soap scum scrub that’s present in your home by going back to areas where you had earlier sprayed. Using clean water, rinse the sponge inside the sink while you scrub.
    • Floor: Make sure to vacuum the bathmats and floor. After that, use a microfiber or steam mop dipped in a disinfectant to wipe the floor.
    • Shine: The little details make a significant difference when cleaning your bathroom. This is why you also need to make an effort to make your bathroom shiny to give it the added appeal. And to do this, you need a dry rag that allows you to effortlessly add some gloss to everything. To clean the mirror, all you need to achieve this is a crumpled newspaper or microfiber cloth.
    • Finish: Using fresh water, drain the sink and consequently rinse it. As you do this, also make sure to clean the faucet and countertop as water might have splashed on these surfaces.

    An important thing to remember when following this step-by-step cleaning checklist is to start from the top and proceed to the bottom areas. This means you should start by wiping down countertops or dusting light fixtures before you clean the floor. Doing this prevents any debris from falling onto the surface that you’ve cleaned already. With that said, there’s one exception to this rule, and that’s the sink which needs to be cleaned last.

    What Supplies or Tools Do I Need To Clean the Bathroom?

    There are certain must-have supplies you need to at all times have with you successfully clean your bathroom according to a desirable standard. These include;

    • Glass cleaner
    • Microfiber or steam mop
    • Stiff brush
    • Bowl cleaner and toilet brush
    • Sponge
    • Vacuum
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Paper towels or clean rags
    • Cleaning products, for example, glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaning spray
    • Spray bottle with tile and tub cleaner
    • Rubber gloves
    • Dustpan and broom
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Distilled white vinegar
    • Squeegee
    • Bucket
    • Spray bottle

    Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Hacks (Tips)

    Knowing of certain bathroom cleaning hacks helps greatly to guarantee proper hygiene and cleanliness is realized. Some of these tips include;

    • Give cleaning products time to soak while you attend to other tasks.
    • Ensure the glass shower doors cleaner is cleaner for longer by using Rain-X, typically designed for windshields.
    • Remove any limescale and hard-water deposits from your showerhead by dipping them in vinegar.
    • Buff any hard-water spots present on the shower door glass using a rag dipped in abrasive oxalic cleaner.
    • Create a paste using water and baking soda, which is ideal to use when scrubbing tub stains or grout.
    • Place disinfectant wipes underneath the sink to ensure your bathroom remains cleaner for longer. Use these cleaners when wiping down surfaces between cleanings.
    • Place a couple of extra trash bag liners below the wastebasket while replacing the liner.
    • Use a vacuum with a hard brush attachment or compressed air to remove dust from the vent fan grilles.
    • Clean your soap holder and toothbrush holder using the dishwasher.


    How often should I clean my bathroom?

    It’s recommended that you clean your bathroom at least one time each week. By sticking to such a schedule, you save yourself the precious time that you’d have spent searching for cleaners, tub scrubs, and rags when cleaning. And to do all this, you need a tote or bucket where you can store your cleaning supplies that come in handy when cleaning your bathroom.

    For a more effective clean, it’s best to clean your bathroom from top to down. This means starting with the air vents and light fixtures before proceeding to the tub area, shower, countertops, and other floor spaces. Doing this ensures you clean the dust or debris that finds its way onto the ground while you’re attending to items listed on your bathroom cleaning checklist.

    What supplies do you need to clean your bathroom?

    Cleaning your bathroom becomes a lot easier and faster if you have the right supplies with you. Some of the basic supplies you need to help ensure your cleaning routine efforts yield positive results include;

    Toilet Brush

    This supply comes in handy when brushing the toilet bowl. And before using it, make sure to first pour some cleaning liquid into the toilet bowl and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Consequently, take your toilet brush and clean the bowl as well as the rim. Once you’re through, use paper towels to dry all the surfaces.

    When shopping for a toilet brush, it’s best to opt for one with a decorative handle.


    Do your shower, tub, or bathroom walls and doors have extra moisture that you need to remove? If so, the squeegee is the perfect tool to get because it enables you to considerably remove the mildew, soap scum, and moisture that might later be a lot harder to remove. For optimal efficiency, you need to get a squeegee with a glass cleaner as this does an excellent job of ensuring both glass fixtures and windows are sparkling clean.

    Scrub Brush

    This is the perfect tool for deep-cleaning the tub and shower. Using it isn’t complicated, and you simply need to apply a cleaner, give it some time to usually around thirty minutes, and then scrub these surfaces using this brush.

    Rubber Gloves

    Cleaning the bathroom exposes your hands to numerous toxic and nasty things. Therefore, you need to adequately safeguard yourself from all this, and the best way to do this is by wearing high-quality rubber gloves. This shouldn’t be that difficult, and all you need to do is rinse them well, leave them to dry, and finally store them safely.

    Lint-Free Rag And Multisurface Cleaner

    You also need to use a cleaner that allows you to give your bathroom a sparkling look. This cleaner helps when wiping down mirrors, glass doors, ceramics, handles, and faucets. There are many cleaners on the market, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a reliable pick. But before sticking to a specific cleaner, it’s best to test out different items to know which one best suits your needs.

    Disinfectant Wipes or Disinfectant Sponge And Cleaner

    Are you worried about the proliferation of bacteria on your bathroom surfaces? If so, you need to get yourself disposable wipes that can be placed below your sink to use when wiping down the toilet, sink, tub, and counter daily. It’s also best to have a disinfectant spray and sponge to avoid the further spread of germs in your home.

    Final Thoughts

    Cleaning the bathroom without a proper plan and routine might end up being a tedious job. This is why having a bathroom cleaning checklist is necessary. If you didn’t know much about this checklist, this detailed guide has outlined every useful information about the bathroom cleaning checklist.