Baseball Score sheet / Scorecard Templates

Baseball Score sheet / Scorecard Templates

Invented by Henry Chadwick, a baseball scoresheet is a document that records the details of the baseball game from the beginning to the end of the game. Professional baseball leagues usually hire professionals to record the scoring in a game.

Despite that, some die-hard fans will record game scores in their score sheets, which they may have printed from an online source or obtained elsewhere.

Baseball Score Sheet Templates

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The Baseball Scorecard

    How to Score Baseball Sheet

    It’s worth noting that in baseball scorekeeping, two scoresheets are required, one for each team. Each team will use a sheet to record all its game information, including battle lineup and play-by-play action. Both sides will also record the statistics of each other, including each other’s total runs, hits, at-bats, and so much more.

    To score a baseball sheet correctly, the first thing you must know is the terms(plus their abbreviations) and the meaning of numbers often used in baseball. That’s because you will rely a lot on these terms and numbers when scoring your sheet. Having said that, these terms are as follows;

    Terms – Abbreviations

    • Assist A.
    • Single 1B.
    • Double 2B.
    • Triple 3B.
    • Walk BB.
    • Balk BK.
    • Error E
    • Double Play DP.
    • Foul Out f.
    • Caught Stealing CS.
    • Fly Out F.
    • Stolen Base SB.
    • Home Run HR.
    • Fielder’s Choice FC.
    • Passed Ball PB.
    • Strike Out Swinging K.
    • Wild Pitch WP.
    • Left On Base LOB.
    • Sacrifice SAC.
    • Interference I.
    • Strike Out Called By Umpire KC or.
    • Runs Batted In RBI.
    • Hit By Pitch HBI.

    Numbers – Meanings

    • 1 Pitcher.
    • 2 Catcher
    • 3 First Base
    • 4 Second Base
    • 5 Third Base
    • 6 Short Stop
    • 7 Left Field
    • 8 Center Field
    • 9 Right Field

    Knowing how to the terms appropriately can go a long way in making your scoresheet serve its purpose effectively. If the terms and numbers are used correctly, any person who picks up the scorebook will be able to tell what happened in the game.

    • All scorebooks feature small circles or squares in which to mark balls as well as strikes. To record a score or strike you either put a number, color, or line in the little circles or squares.
    • To record an out that has occurred, write the position number of the player who caught the ball. Then write the position number of the player to whom the ball was thrown. Making sure to separate the players with a dash, write the out number 1,2, or 3 in the box where the out occurred, and circle it.
    • To score a hit, just circle the correct hit whether that be a triple hit, double hit, single hit, or home run hit in your sheet. Many score sheets feature these items.
    • To score a walk, just circle the BB in the particular box.
    • To score a strikeout if the player struck out by swinging the bat, mark a K in the scoring box. To score a strikeout when the second strike was called by the umpire without the batter swinging, write a KC into the box.
    • To score a run, just color in the entire box of the player who scored. However, don’t forget to allocate an RBI to the player who batted in the runner.
    • To score an error, the error must be marked exactly where it occurred.
    • A passed ball(PB) is put on the line that shows the runner advancing to the next base.
    • A wild pitch(WP) is scored the same way as a PB except the WP is used instead.

    Final Thoughts

    A baseball scoresheet is an important document that allows you to record all the information about a game that took place, including scores, strikes, and errors that any may have made of the two teams. With a well-marked scoresheet, any person who might not have attended the game will know exactly how the game went down.

    While professional league matches often bring in professionals to score a sheet, you too can have your scoresheet and do the same thing as the professionals. To do that effectively, you must first know the above terms and abbreviations plus numbers and their meanings. With that knowledge, it’s easy to follow the above tips in scoring your score sheet.