Authorization Letter: How to Write (with Format & Samples)

An authorization letter is a legal document that allows an individual to give someone the ability to act on your behalf. For instance, you may need someone to handle your financial affairs if you go on a long vacation overseas, or you may request that someone pick up your mail while you are away. Due to its very nature, the authorization letter has to be written clearly, leaving nothing open to assumption by others.

As such, studying sample authorization letters and guides can be extremely helpful, as they remind you to include important items, such as names, dates and places. among others.

What to Include in an Authorization Letter

What Does Your Letter Concern

The type of authorization letter you will write, depends solely on the purpose for its use. The basic format of the letter as stated above will remain. However, there may be differences in the details. For instance, someone who authorized you to handle the sale of their home, will be much different than someone who requested you to make several deposits when you are gone. To give you an idea, we’ll include some scenarios below:

  • Financial transaction
  • Parents authorizing school on what to do during an allergy attack
  • Release of personal medical history
  • Document collection
  • Drive your vehicle
  • Pick up your mail

As you can see, the types of authorization letters are endless.

Identify the Individuals Participating

All authorization letters involve three parties: First, second and third. It’s crucial that each party be named in full, in the authorization letter.

First Party

This is the individual who is giving the authority. The first party is the one who owns the bank account, is the parent of the child, or who wishes you to collect the mail.

Second Party

This can be a person or group which is responsible for conducting the transaction. The second party is not your proxy. This is not the person you grant permission to. The second party is the individual, group, organization or institution which will handle the transaction, such as a hospital, school or bank.

Third Party

This is the individual who actually does the work. They are the ones who have been granted permission by the first party and act as a proxy.

Relevant Dates

These dates represent the start and end dates for the duties concerned. If you are not sure about the dates, it’s acceptable to include a range, such as:

Randall Jenkins has authority to pick up my mail for the next 30 days.

The Purpose

This refers to the ‘why’ the letter was written in the first place. Here, you’ll explain just why you need another party to represent you. Explanations can include illness, a long vacation, or simply going out of town for the week.


If there are any restrictions surrounding the authorization, spell them out here, in clear terms. State what it is that you will not allow. For instance, if you have someone handle your banking, state that they are to make deposits only, and no withdrawals.

Authorization Letter Format

Your authorization letter must be typed and never composed by hand. This is to prevent anyone from performing an error due to illegible handwriting. This is considered a legal document, so the letter must have business blocked letter format. Here, all sections begin at the left margin, are single spaced, with double spacing in between sections.


This is where you place your full name, address and contact information.

Ms. Mary Powter

555 Cherry Lane

New York, NY 90211


Write out the complete date that you composed the letter. Skip the abbreviations and write it out fully:

October 2, 2022.

Recipients Information

Recipient’s full name, address and contact information. The recipient is not the individual that you granted authority to. This is to your second party. For example, if you are granting your son permission to make deposits for you in your name, you would have to notify the bank. This is who you would consider the recipient, your banking representative.

Charles E. Phillipa


555 South Peach Tree Rd.

Perry, NC 98552


The salutation should be formal, as in a business letter. Do not use first names. Instead, use standard titles such as Ms., Dr., Mr. and end with a colon. If you do not know the name of the individual, simply use “To Whom It May Concern: ”

Dear Mr. Phillipa:

Body of Your Letter

This is the body of the letter, where you will place all of your instructions. Every attempt must be made to reduce assumptions or guess work, so keep it brief, concise and to the point.

I, Mary Powter, hereby authorize Randall Cummins to perform one deposit $200.00 every week to ACME Bank, account number #138543AA. Starting October 2, 2022 and ending December 13, 2022.

You notice we included the name of the bank, the amount, the dates the activity is allowed to take place, and the account number. Depending on your needs, you must be as precise as you possibly can. Leave no room open for interpretation.

Authorization Letter Template

Below is how the letter is to be formatted. Again, this is business block style format, so begin your sections all at the left. Each section is to be single-spaced, with double-spacing in between sections.

(Your Name)

(Your Address)

(Your Contact Information)




(Recipients Name)

(Company Address)

(Recipients Contact Information)


(RE: Subject Line)


(Dear Recipient Name: )


I, (Your Name), hereby grant (Appointed Representative) the authority to act on my behalf with regards to making any and all real estate decisions while I am away on business. The scope (Scope, Duties and Responsibilities) of this letter of authorization with include all real estate transactions, document handling, and client affairs.

This letter of authorization will encompass the following dates: Start date (Start Date) and end date (End Date). If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at (Contact Information) at your earliest convenience.


(4 spaces)

(Handwritten signature)


(Notary Public, if necessary)

Sample Authorization Letter

Marion Coates555 West Lawn

Peterson, CA 90090


October 14, 2022

Frankllin Morton

ACME Financial Institution

Linden, CA 90990

RE: Letter of Authorization to Act on Behalf of Marion Coates

Dear Mr. Franklin Morton:

I, Marion Coates, hereby grant authority to Philip Giles, my brother, to act on my behalf in handling the affairs of my estate and business concerns with ACME Financial Institution while I am away overseas on business. The scope of this letter of authorization to act on my behalf includes any and all business dealings with ACME Financial Institution and business concerns. Philip will use the following form of Identification:

  • Drivers License
  • Drivers License Number: 23411234
  • Sample of Handwritten Signature

This letter of authorization to act on my behalf start October 19, 2022 and end December 12, 2022. If you have questions or concerns, contact me at 555-555-2334 any time of the day or night.


Marion Coates

October 1, 2022

Authorization Letter Types

Letters of Authorization can be written for any reason that you require, therefore there are no specific ‘types’. However, we’ll go over some of reasons individuals use most often. When it comes time to write your own letter of authorization, you’ll have a good idea of what to include.

Retrieving Documents

In this letter of authorization, you would be granting someone you trust the authority to retrieve documents on your behalf, as well as add their signatures if required. Include identification, such as driver’s license, signature example, type of documents to be collected and any other information the second party will require:

I, Joseph Marks, hereby authorize my brother, Michael Marks, to collect the all property documents and make signatures on my behalf from ACME Bank. He will arrive and verify all documents on January 13, 2022. You are to give him full access to any and all property documents under my name.

  • Identification: Drivers License
  • Drivers License Number: 12843239
  • Scope of Documents: Property holdings
  • Sample of Signature (Include handwritten sample here)

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at 555-555-5555 at your earliest convenience.


Joseph Marks

October 1, 2022

Letter to Act on Your Behalf

In this letter, you are appointing a ‘proxy’. This person will act on your behalf during the time stated in the letter. The proxy is empowered to do whatever you need during the time period mentioned:

I, Peter Porter, hereby give authorization to Martin Primer to act on my behalf in handling all of the financial and real estate duties for my estate in Bromton during my absence. The scope of this authorization to act on my behalf will include all financial and real estate transactions with no restrictions whatsoever.

This authorization will begin on October 13, 2022 and end October 20, 2022. I will be overseas attending a conference. If you require any further information, contact me at 555-555-5555.


Peter Porter

October 1, 2022

Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

This type of authorization letter is used when you need to leave medical treatment decision to a trusted individual. This is a legal document and can be used in a court of law. You can authorize medical treatment for yourself or a dependent, or anyone you mention in the letter.This letter should be brief, and contain only relevant facts, leave no room for interpretation or assumption. Include medical information, insurance information, and anything else pertinent to your situation.

I, Janice Dinks, hereby authorize my sister Marion Davis, to care for my son, Thomas Dinks, while I am away on a business trip. I grant her permission to handle all health care issues involving my son. This includes any doctor visits, administering medicine, or emergencies. Thomas Dinks medical number is 23432334.I grant this authority starting October 13, 2022 and ending October 20, 2022.


Janice Dinks

October 1, 2022

Final Steps

Kudos on completing your authorization letter. But you’re not finished yet, there are a few loose ends to tie up. First, carefully go over your letter, proofreading and editing it to perfection. There should be no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. Any error could mean a misinterpretation of your wishes. Next, take it to a Notary Public to have it sealed. A Notary Public is necessary, as it shows that you are not being forced to compose this letter, that you are doing it out of your own free will. When everything checks out, have the Notary Public sign and seal the letter, you sign your letter in blue or black ink. Finally, give the original to your proxy, send a copy to your lawyer if you have one, and keep a copy for yourself. As long as you remember the basics, such as always type your letter, include the three parties involved, be brief, include a reason and relevant start and end dates, as well as the scope of responsibility, you should be well on your way of crafting the perfect Letter of Authority.