Approval Letter (Format & Sample)

An approval letter grants authority to an individual, organization, or body to proceed with an activity. This letter can come in two forms in the first instance, it’s written by the authorizing party granting approval, or it can be written by the organization or individual seeking approval where, in most cases, it’s referred to as a request letter for approval.

The letter is written for various reasons such as asking for permission for expenditure, vacation, sickness leave, loan approval, endorsement of a project, etc.

What to include in an approval letter

  • Start with confirming approval: As you start your approval letter, it’s essential to hit the main reason for the letter by confirming consent for the requested activity.
  • Adopt a polite and friendly tone: Although an approval letter is a formal letter, it should adopt a warm and relaxed tone. This should be reflected in words used in the letter.
  • Indicate the timeline: If the approval is limited to a specific period, it’s vital to indicate the time frame in the letter.
  • Note any relevant actions that the recipient should take to affect the approval.
  • Close the letter with a congratulatory message.

Approval letter format

Your address


Recipients address


Dear Mr. / MS. /Mrs. [Name of the individual],

I write this letter to inform you the board of directors has approved your application for [reason] for [amount].

This loan will be repaid at an interest rate of [percentage] for [duration]. In this respect, you are requested to visit our main offices to finalize the legal formalities.

Also enclosed in this letter are our terms and conditions. Read through them carefully before advancing to the next step. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about the matter.

All the best,

[Your Name]

Sample approval letter

Dear Mr. Jameson,

We appreciate your efforts in submitting your proposal for the environmental project 2019. After a thorough analysis of the proposal, the grant committee has given the green light for the project. In this regard, you can start the project as soon as possible. The funds for this project will be available in the next week.

You are therefore requested to visit our headquarters by September 3, 2019, to finalize with a few specifics. Contact us via [219] 304- 9078 to schedule a meeting.

We believe your project will impact many lives in the city. Once more, thank you for submitting your proposal and the excellent job you are doing to make the world a better place.


Antony F. Cameron


Pivots Grants Committee

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