16 Printable Appointment Schedule Templates (Word & Excel)

16 Printable Appointment Schedule Templates (Word & Excel)

Once time has passed, there is no way to redeem it, which makes it one of the most important and volatile assets a business person can have. If your job requires you to meet clients, attend meetings, or deliver orders, you cannot be successful if you are the person that is always late. You can make the most of both your time and that of the people you work with by using an Appointment Sheet.

Appointment sheets keep you abreast of all the commitments you have and when you should attend to them so that you are never late for anything. Read on to learn how to create and use this tool.

What Is an Appointment Sheet?

An appointment sheet is a planning document that outlines a list of appointments and commitments for a given date range. Basically, it tells you where you should be and when so that you never miss any of your appointments. It is a must-have tool for anyone whose job involves a lot of activity.

What Is an Appointment Sheet Template?

An appointment sheet template is a customizable table-like document that you can use to standardize your appointment scheduling. You can use it to fill in appointment names, locations, times, and notes. Generally, this template can be saved on your laptop or printed out for convenience.

Appointment Sheet Templates & Examples

Appointment Sheet #01

Appointment Sheet #02

Appointment Sheet #03

Appointment Sheet #04

Appointment Sheet #05

Appointment Sheet #06

Appointment Sheet #07

Appointment Sheet #08

Annual Convention Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Calendar by Month

Appointment Calendar

Appointment Schedule

Appointment Scheduling



Appointment Schedule #16

    Types of Appointment Schedule Templates

    If your job involves many client dealings, appointments, or business meetings, an appointment sheet template can help you stay on top of all your activities. The type of template you use will depend on the regularity and nature of your appointments. Here are the most common examples there are:

    • Employee training appointment template
    • Daily appointment template
    • Doctor appointment template
    • Meeting appointment template
    • Teacher appointment template
    • Interview appointment template
    • Monthly appointment template
    • Weekly appointment template
    • Nutrition appointment template

    Regardless of the template you use, it is a good idea to print it out and bring it along with you so that you can view and update it after every appointment.

    How to Use an Appointment Schedule Template

    Depending on your skill level and how much time you have, you can create an Appointment Sheet from scratch or download and customize a template. Either way, you end up with a convenient and effective way to track your commitments. Here are a few pointers to help you use the resulting document:

    Incorporate different symbols and colors into your template and add a ledger at the bottom as a reference for the meanings. You can then use these colors and symbols to:

    • Indicate currently unconfirmed meetings and appointments
    • Show confirmed meetings and appointments
    • Highlight the most important commitments
    • Show completed meetings and appointments
    • Show meetings where the person you were supposed to meet failed to show up.
    • Highlight days when you are out of town or taking a break

    Create different templates for different areas of your life, such as family, social life, school work, medical appointments, work, etc.

    Save one blank template as a separate file so that you always have a file to customize.

    Print out a copy of your appointment sheet and bring it with you so you can update it during the day. Use the printed copy to update your digital copy at the end of the day.

    If you have many appointments, outline all of them, then include a separate section for notes. Use asterisks to indicate that more information about the commitment can be found elsewhere.

    How to Make Appointments (Step-by-Step)

    Before we look at how to make appointments, it is crucial that you have a digital calendar or day planner to help you organize your appointments by time. You can record appointments on your calendar or planner as you make them. With that done, here are the steps for making appointments:

    Step 1: Identify Deadlines and Recurring Obligations

    Start with the obligations that you must meet every week, month, or 6 months. This includes things like dentist appointments and birthdays. Now, set a reminder for these commitments so that you know when they are coming up and don’t get caught off guard.

    Tip: Always file the documents you need for your appointments in a file cabinet so you don’t scramble last minute and miss your appointments.

    Step 2: Itemize the Appointments by Rank

    Create a list of all the appointments you have for the day or week and rank them according to importance. Group the appointments that appear in the same location or close together so you can save on travel expenses by going to them once.

    Step 3: Make Your Appointments

    Call the people you are supposed to meet and confirm the date, time, and location for your appointment. Start with your earliest appointments and schedule the rest consecutively from there. Where possible, ask for an estimated length for the appointment so you can plan the next one.

    Step 4: Calculate Travel Times

    Remember to account for travel times – the time it will take you to get from one appointment to the next – in your appointment sheet. You should also allow yourself a few minutes, say 5 to 15 minutes, for emergencies and unforeseen stops.

    Step 5: Don’t Overschedule

    Set realistic timelines and only include a realistic number of appointments in your schedule. If your schedule doesn’t allow you any breaks or travel times, there is no way you will be able to make it from one appointment to the other. Doing this will only cause undue stress.

    Step 6: Notify Work or School

    After setting your appointments, it is time to call your school or office and tell them in advance that you will be away from class or work. Confirm the date and time and give an estimate of how long you will be away. You can also give them your contact information if they need to reach you during the day.

    Final Thoughts

    Making and keeping appointments is the cornerstone of many relationships, both professional and personal. If you miss your friend’s birthday or fail to show up at a work meeting simply because you ‘forgot,’ you could lose your friend or your job. Creating an Appointment Sheet helps you remember and attend to all your commitments. It allows you to plan ahead, be professional, manage your time efficiently, and avoid conflict. Try it today.