Appointment Letter (Format & Sample)

An appointment letter is given to an employee on joining a company or organization and it is a confirmation of their job with the company. It is legally binding and also confirms that the employee and the company have mutually agreed upon the terms and conditions.

An appointment letter guide would be a great means of understanding the relevant content as it makes things simple, clear, and easy to understand.

What to Include in an Appointment Letter

In order to write an appointment letter, it is important to include the following:
  • The organization’s or employers address.
  • Applicant’s address.
  • Designation of the employee.
  • Define the job description so that the employee can understand his/her duties and responsibilities.
  • Conditions of the job that is, whether it is a full time or a part-time job and the office timings.
  • The salary on the employee on per month basis.
  • Contract length time.
  • The appointment letter would specify when the employee is joining the job.
  • Information on what kind of letters the employee need to submit for the job.
  • Security requirements, any commitment, declaration, and in case of termination what is the provision.

Appointment Letter Format

Given below is a sample format, which can assist in forming an employment letter:





Subject: Appointment Letter

Dear (Name of Applicant),

It is a pleasure to inform you that we are offering you the position (mention job position here) with our company effective from (mention date here). You signed the job letter on (mention date here). The terms and conditions for your employment would be as follows:

Starting Date

Your starting date is (Mention date here).

Work Timings

Your work timings with the company would be from 9 PM to 5 PM. You would be working Monday to Friday.

Probation Period

You are on a six months probation period with the company. Your employment status would be permanent after the completion of the probation period.


On per month basis, your salary is (Mention details here).

Other Benefits

If there are any other benefits offered by the company, include them here.

Annual Leave

You are entitled to get 15 days of paid leave per year for this position.

For more information, you can refer to the signed contract and the Employee Policy Document.

Congratulation, you are now a part of our company (Mention name of company here). We look forward to working with you. We wish you success in your new position.


Mention Your Name here

Sample Appointment Letter/Email

Given below is a sample:

(This portion include letterhead and address of the company or organization)



(Mention name of the applicant and the address)

Dear Sir/Madam (or Name of the applicant),

Appointment As (Mention relevant content here)

Welcome to (mention name of company). With reference to your application, test, and final interview. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the position of (Mention position here) in the (mention department of the company here) on the following terms and conditions:

Appointment Date

You will be appointed as (mention designation here) effective from (mention date here).

Probation Period

Your probation period with the company would be six months and after that, your employment status with the company would be permanent (in case found suitable)

Salary During Probation Period

Your salary during the probation period would be $(mention salary here) USD.

Appointment and Salary After Probation Period (in case found suitable)

In case you achieve the permanent employment status with the company, your monthly salary would be (mention salary here). However, if you are not suitable for the job, your employment would be terminated and you would have no rights or claim against the company.

Standing Orders

You shall abide by the terms and conditions of the standing orders. You shall abide by the rules and regulations of the company, which are in force from time to time.

To Obey Directions and Orders of the (mention designation of the superior)

You shall obey the directions and orders of the manager, officers, and superiors of the company.

Congratulations on the position. We are looking forward to working with you. Please bring a signed copy of this document, stating acceptance of the terms and conditions on the date of joining the company. We wish you luck in your career.



(Mention Position here)

I agree and accept the terms and conditions mentioned above.


(Name of Applicant)