Application Rejection Letter – (Samples & Formats)

Professional rejections are not easy for any of us. Neither being rejected nor having to reject anyone. Yet, we all come across several circumstances where we have to face this tough task. However, it is not the NO but how you say so that makes a key difference between a mature, compassionate organization and a mediocre, also-ran type of company. As someone said, true leadership is when you have the courage to say NO and you know how to say so.

Here is a brief attempt to help you say so easily and politely.

Polite Job Application Rejection

Job Application Sample Letter

Denial of Rental Application Rejection Format

Rental Application Rejection Format

Accountant Application Rejection Letter

Sample of Account Rejection Letter

Business application rejection letter is simpler where you can always leave the scope to connect again in future. Since it is being sent to an organization, the letter should have more professional tone. If the proposal’s price is the primary reason and there is no skills gap, be forthright. This leaves the door open for future contracts where you may get their services at better price.

Business Application Rejection Letter

Business Application Rejection Letter

Candidate Application Rejection Letter

Candidate Application Sample Letter

HR Application Rejection Letter

HR Application Rejection Letter

Employment Application Rejection Sample Letter

Employment Application Rejection Sample Letter

for Loan Application

Loan Application Example

Rejection Letter to Employer Before Interview

Professional Application Letter Format

Writing a school admission rejection letter is a tough job, probably toughest of all, as the recipients are passing through a rather tender phase. The letter should begin appreciating the education so far and other skills of the person rather than saying he lacks sufficient credentials. Mention the institute’s inability in the next line as it received large number of applicants with some superior credentials than him. It would also be nice to mention that that are many other with similar credentials that the institute is forced to reject which reduces the impact of rejection.

School Admission Rejection Letter Format

School Rejection Letter Format

Scholarship rejection letter is another job more or less similar to school admission rejection. You may follow the same pattern.

Scholarship Rejection Letter

Scholarship Rejection Letter Editable

Job application rejection letter would most likely be the highest number of rejection letter being written across the world, considering the fact that there are always hundreds of applications received for any vacant job position.

While writing a job rejection letter, it is essential to make sure that the rejection letter is brief, 3-4 key lines and does not affect the self-belief of the individual.

The letter should not look overly professional and must have a personal touch. It would be nicer if you thank the person to have applied for the position and mention that the company is overwhelmed with the responses received.

Mention that most of the applicants had extraordinary capabilities, including the recipient of the letter, but the company is constrained to select only one. Involving all those who have been rejected in the letter helps the people realize that he is not the only one to be rejected and thereby, lessen the pain of rejection.

Don’t hesitate to mention if there is any specific drawback you found in the candidate, which he could correct with some efforts.