Application Letter for Free Medical Treatment

Some letters can be challenging to write. The letter format discussed in this article is one most people never imagine they’ll write or, at the very least, hope they’ll never need to. If you’re drafting a letter asking for free medical treatment from a hospital or clinic, it’s most likely because you’re having financial troubles.

When a family member or close friend gets sick or injured and requires medical treatment, there’s not much their loved ones won’t do to help. In some cases, this may include writing a letter to their treatment provider asking for help with fees.

It’s usually a last resort because there’s no legal resource or obligation on the part of the treatment provider. Medical organizations are not supposed to work pro bono. If you’re requesting that all medical fees be waived for a low-income patient to be treated, it’s essential to understand you’re asking for a favor.

Writing an application letter for free medical treatment, when financially desperate, is unlikely to harm a patient’s cause. However, it doesn’t mean they’ll get a favorable response. If they do, they’ve managed to convince doctors to give up their time and skills for free to restore a stranger’s health. It is not impossible, but it’s rare in all but the most serious situations.

Am I Allowed to Write An Application Letter for Free Medical Treatment?

It’s a little unorthodox, but there’s nothing illegal or inappropriate about asking for a favor provided you behave respectfully. Show good manners and politeness in your letter. Include pertinent details and explain why you must ask for financial help, but don’t add too much personal information.

It’s essential to strike the right balance between honesty and brevity. You should explain your financial circumstances (or those of your sick family member) but avoid writing a letter so lengthy it loses the reader’s interest.

What to Include in Letter for Free Medical Treatment?

  • Straightforward Facts. The financial difficulties in our lives cannot be boiled down to two-sentence summaries. However, this is what you need to do to ensure the medical professionals reading your letter acknowledge all of its contents. Be precise, but also be concise.

    Note two or three reasons the patient cannot afford to pay for necessary medical treatment. Again, this will oversimplify their situation, but think of your letter as a means to an end. Is the person unemployed? Do they work full time but also have responsibilities as a single parent? Perhaps they have other financial dependents like elderly parents or grandparents?
  • Cost of the Treatment. Be as precise as possible when asking for medical fees to be waived or subsidized. You’re much more likely to get a positive response if you can offer exact figures. Saying something vague such as ‘they need treatment for their cancer’ contains no real details about what treatments are required and how much they will cost the clinic or hospital.

    If you don’t have any figures or don’t know what type of treatment might be required, you can reach out to doctors, but you may not get the answer you want. It’s worth trying to get a free health review or some cost estimate from another independent professional. That way, you can send an estimated bill along with your letter.

Application Letter for Free Medical Treatment (Format)

The following template will give you some idea of what your application letter should look like.

{Hospital’s Address}

FAO {Name of Department Head}

Respected {Sir/Madam},

I am writing in desperation to ask for your help. On {Date of Incident/Sickness}, my {Your Relationship to Patient} had a {Description of Medical Issue}. As a result of this, they had to undergo {Relevant Medical Treatments}.

These treatments were extremely costly, and paying for them caused {Them/Us} great financial difficulty. {We/They} are a low-income household because {Reason for Financial Struggles} and {Relevant Personal Circumstances}.

{They/We} recently found out that, to recover fully, they need a {Type of Treatment} at an estimated cost of {Cost of Treatment}. As there is no way {They/We} could ever afford this, I’m asking if your {Name of Department} would consider providing it for free?

I know it’s a stretch to ask, but I’m hoping you’ll find it in your hearts to help in this challenging situation. If {they/he/she/etc…} do not receive this treatment, {they/he/she/etc…} may be in and out of the hospital for the rest of {their/his/her/etc…} life.

Please get back to me soon. You can reach me on {Your Phone Number}.

Yours kindly,

{Your Name}


{Contact Details}

Sample Application Letter for Free Medical Treatment

Central Florida Regional Hospital

1401 West Seminole Blvd

Sanford, FL, 32771

FAO Dr. Dennis J. Tishko, MD, FACS

Respected Sir,

I am writing in desperation to ask for your help. Eleven months ago, my father had a bad fall while working on a neighbor’s roof during a construction job. He broke both his legs and punctured a lung, and has been in the hospital ever since. While his legs are healing, he has experienced repeated pneumothorax and requires surgery if he is ever to recover and lead a normal life again.

Since my mother passed away in 2011, my father and I have struggled financially. Now he is sick, and I am the only earner in our household. I work three jobs (cinema usher, gas station attendant, and refuse collector), but there is no way I could ever afford the $315,000 it costs for lung surgery.

I know I am asking for a huge favor, but is there any way your respirology department might consider performing my dad’s surgery for free? If he doesn’t receive treatment within the next three months, the damage to his lungs may cause him to become critically ill.

I know it’s a stretch to ask, but I’m hoping you’ll find it in your hearts to help. I’ve included a photo of my dad and me to show you what a good person he is.

Please get back to me soon. You can reach me on 305 509 6995 anytime.

Yours kindly,

Damon Rappaport

Application Letter for Free Medical Treatment (Template)

Final Word

When writing your application letter for free medical treatment, know that receiving a positive answer is a long shot. However, it will never hurt your chances to try. Occasionally, medical specialists get emotionally affected by cases, and they feel a personal responsibility to help. After all, doctors and nurses may seem superhuman at times, but they’re emotional, warm people like the rest of us.