Application for School Transfer Certificate

Application for School Transfer Certificate

Application for school transfer certificate is a letter that is written to request a transfer certificate from the school in order to be able to move a child from one school to another. The purpose of this certificate is to release a child from the current school so that they can join the other. The parents do not have the freedom of just moving their children from one school to the other. This makes a school transfer certificate an important document to have.

There are procedures that should be followed when one is writing this letter so that the school can issue the certificate. To make sure that you do not miss on any information that should be included in this letter, it is important to use a sample letter. This will make things easy and also give a certainty that the letter will be approved.

What to include in a school transfer certificate application

  • The reason for transfer – State a genuine reason why you need to transfer your child to another school. Example, when you are transferring to a different town for work and you want to take your child with you.
  • The request for the issuance of transfer certificate – Request for the transfer certificate and state why it is important for you to have it.
  • If need be, request for additional certificate for good moral character – This may be requested by the school that you are transferring the child to. If this is so, include this request in the letter.
  • Information about the needed documents for admission to another institute – State the required information on the documents that have been requested by the school where your child will be joining.
  • The date on which all the requested documents should be issued. If possible request for an earlier date to avoid any inconveniences.

Application Format for School Transfer Certificate




Date: __________. (Date on which the letter is written)





Subject: ____________________. (The main purpose of writing the letter)

Dear Sir/madam,

This is to kindly request for a transfer certificate from_________ (mention your current board) to the _______ (mention the board to which you would like to transfer). I am (state the reason why you want the transfer certificate in detail). I have attached all the necessary documents that are required for this process. I am hoping to get this certificate by the end of this month. Kindly consider my application.

I am sorry for any inconvenience that could be caused by this. I look forward to get the certificate soon.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

_____________ (Name of the student)

_____________ (Roll number)

_____________ (Class)

Sample Application for School Transfer Certificate

From,John Gibbs

9736 Rockledge St.

Staten Island, NY 10301


The principal

Bright schools

830 Campfire Dr.

Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Subject: Application for Board Transfer Certificate.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is to kindly request for a transfer certificate from the bright school board to the Mountain School board. The reason why I need the certificate is because I will be moving from New York to Dallas with my family by the end of this term. I will be joining mountain schools in Dallas by the beginning of next term and they require the transfer certification for my admission in the school.

I have attached all the original documents and the copies that are required for this process. Please consider this application before the school close this term. I look forward for a response from you soon. I am sorry for any inconvenience could be caused by this transfer.

Yours sincerely,

John Gibbs

Roll: NC3760

Class: 3NM

Valid reasons for a school transfer

  • Work schedule – When the schedule of work for parents does not allow them to drop their children to school or pick them up from school, one may consider a transfer to a school that is convenient for them.
  • When a parent want the siblings to be in the same school.
  • School system – A child may be transferred from a school due to academic system that is hard to adjust to as well as when you want your child to upgrade to a better academic system.
  • Bullying – If the child is being bullied in the school, a parent may opt for a transfer to protect the child from the effects of bullying.
  • If a child has got special needs that the school cannot meet.
  • When a student needs a more favorable environment in terms of security as well as in terms of weather.

How to transfer to another school

  • Identify a school that favors your need – This is done by looking for a school that meets the needs that were not met in the current school. You will need to call or search for school and ask for the requirements that are needed by the one you choose. Many schools differ in admission process. This makes it necessary to first find out on process and requirements.
  • Fill out the student transfer certificate request in the district you intend to transfer to. This is necessary in making sure that the reason for transfer is valid. Find out if there is need to attach a formal letter that explains the reason and attach the letter to the form.
  • After an approval for transfer, fill out all the requirements that are necessary to enroll to the new school.
  • Make sure that the school you are transferring from has sent all the necessary transcripts and records to the new school. These records are a necessity to the new school.