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Appeal Letter: How to Write (with Sample & Format)

If you receive unfair treatment or judgment from your employer or any other authority, you can write an appeal letter to overturn the decision. Some circumstances that warrant such a letter include demotion at work, suspension from college, dismissal or been denied a pay rise, etc.

When writing the letter, make sure you stick to facts. Admit any wrongdoing and seek for forgiveness. Though you are angry, delink your emotions form the case. Foul language or arrogance won’t change the decision. Maintain a polite tone in the letter.

To write the best appeal letter that can result in a review of the former decision, you need to know the words to use and the format. A template will work wonders to save the situation.

What to include in an appeal letter

A winning appeal letter should include;
  • A review of what lead to the decision based on facts. Give your account of the story and why you think the decision should be reversed.
  • Expected result. When writing the appeal letter, suggest what you need to be done. For example, if you have been expelled from college, ask to be reinstated based on the supporting facts.
  • Use polite language. Address the letter to the right authority besides using a polite tone in the letter. Avoid arguments, confrontation, and blame game.
  • Apologize if you were wrong. A simple apology can overturn the decision to punish you. If you are sure you made a mistake, take responsibility for the mistake and lessons learned.

Appeal letter format

An appeal letter should follow the normal business format

Your contact details




(City, zip code)

(Phone number)

(Email address)




Employer/ institutions details






(City, zip code)




Dear sir/madam/ Mr. / MS/ Mrs., followed by their last name




The body of the appeal letter should comprise several paragraphs. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself, followed by a mention of the case.


The subsequent paragraphs should highlight your side of the story and what you need to be done. If you have any supporting evidence, you can attach the documents and refer to them at this point.




As you end the letter, end on a polite note. You can state or ask for a deadline for resolution of the case.


Complimentary close




Sample appeal letter

Steve Martins

237, Ruddick Street

Maryland, LA 34560

517- 433- 3060



March 10, 2019


Smith Butts

HR Manager

Hope Alive International

320 Bazaar Rd

Busy city, CA 11890


Dear Mr. Butts

My name is Steve Martins, a former Data capture assistant in your company. I write this letter to appeal the decision for dismissal from work, a decision that was arrived at on January 2nd, 2019.

As stated in the dismissal letter, I was dismissed because I was absent from work for two days. I acknowledge I was away from work for two days without permission. On the stated days I fell ill and i was hospitalized, unfortunately I could not be reached by phone.

When I left the hospital, I reported to work, only to find a dismissal letter on my desk. For the four years, I have worked for Hope Alive, I have never been away from work at any other time without notifying my boss.

I believe this decision is too harsh for me; I request for a revision of the decision. Kindly accept my apologies for not reporting my illness. I have attached copies of my admission letter and hospital bills to prove the action wasn’t deliberate.

Based on the stated reasons, I ask for a review of the decision to terminate my services at Hope Alive. I look forward to being recalled back to work soon.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully


Steve Martins