Apology to Unsatisfied Customer

When a customer is unsatisfied with the purchase of a product or service, it is important to apologize as it might jeopardize your relationship with the customer. In order to gain your trust back, it is important to apologize. It can convert a negative experience into positive. Not apologizing can lead to a complicated situation between you and your customer.

Apology Letter Format for Unsatisfied Customer

Dear (Name of Customer),

Thank you for contacting us about your (insert defective item specifications) purchase. You are given a full refund for the purchase. We at (name of company) take pride in serving our valuable customers.

I am sending you a gift card that can be used at any time. You can return the defective piece at our main branch. Please visit our website (insert link here) for ordering items of your choice.

I am sorry for the negative experience. Thank you once again for your valuable feedback.


(Name of sender)

Sample Apology Letter for Unsatisfied Customer

Dear Helen,

I am sorry for your negative customer experience at our main branch. I assure you this will never happen again. You can return the defective bedroom lamp at your nearest branch.

We go extra miles to provide a great shopping experience for our valued customers. Our agent should have returned the lamp without being impolite. You are getting a full refund for the purchase.

Thanks, and I am sorry again.



Customer Service Representative