Apology Messages (SMS) to Friend

Apology Messages (SMS) to Friend

A sorry message to a friend is simply a message written to a friend apologizing for a mistake committed—this message aids in fixing a troubled or broken up friendship between two or more parties. The one main advantage that comes with writing an apology is it allows instances where both parties may feel guilty and have bloated egos to break the stalemate. For people with poor one-on-one communication abilities to apologize, the message will be the go-between.

Remember, an apology message to a friend is not a sign of being weak, no, it is a sign of sincerity and utmost humility. This is your first step towards mending the lost trust and gaining back the faith your friend had in you. You stand a better chance to express your regret and sincerity when writing an apology message than doing it in person because you have a lot of time to think through the mistake. Whether the mistake is major or minor, writing a message shows your enthusiasm to confess and resolve an issue.

Tips to Write a Perfect Apology Message (SMS) to Friend

Friendship is a unique relationship and should be treated as such at all costs. Here are some tips to get you going when writing an apology message to your friend:
  • Personalize the message: Ensure that the message is objective and specific. Compliment that friend that you have wronged for something they have accomplished recently or the things that are of self-importance to them. Let me know what it means to have them as your friend and how devastated you would be if you lost them as a friend. 
  • Avoid the blame game: This is not a time to start asking your friend if you hurt them or not. Remember what we stated earlier, admitting a mistake is not a weakness. Acknowledge that you are aware of your mistakes. Do not make assumptions.
  • Apologize: This is the objective of the message. Express your sincerity and regret while apologizing. Kindly ensure that you do not put so much into the apology, as this will make the message lose focus and meaning.
  • Promise to do better: Let your friend know what you could have done and what you are willing to do better. Acknowledging that the fault was yours and offering to make it up in a better way is a sure way to get the process started. While at it you can also involve your friend in action. 
  • Be honest: This is your friend; they most certainly know you. They will be able to tell if you are truly genuine, or you are writing the message just for formality. If you value the friendship, being honest is key.
  • Make a follow-up: The message is sent, what next? Give your friend time to think over your apology and come to terms with their feelings. When you meet up, let them know that what you wrote in the message is a reflection of what you really feel (felt). 

Sample leave Messages (SMS) to Friend

Apology message to friend for being mean

It is human nature to make mistakes, but what is equally important is apologizing to your friend whenever you wrong them. If you were mean to your friend, here is an example of an apology message.

Sample text: Hi (include your friend’s name here), l am very sorry about my actions last night at the party. I admit that what l did was mean. I profoundly regret the act and ask for your forgiveness. Hugs and kisses.

Apology message to friend for not attending birthday party / wedding

Birthdays and anniversaries are very important to many people because they are celebrated once a year and are achievement to many. If you’ve missed one, then you are surely going to have it with your friend.

Sample text: I am truly sorry for being so not attending your birthday party yesterday. I got caught up in a jam on my way from work. I couldn’t reach you because my phone had no charge. I am so sorry. I want to make it up to you, let me know how and when we can meet up.

Happy belated birthday!

Apology message to a friend for rude behavior

Mistakes are bound to be forgiven, provided they were never intentional. If you are not a seasoned offender, then your friend will most definitely forgive you. We all deserve a second shot.

Sample text: Hello. First, l honestly admit that l am a mess. Second, l am very sorry for being rude to you in the cab. Please forgive me. I miss you.

Apology letter to friend for not returning the book

There are times when our schedules are tight and can, at times, be a bit crazy. However, letting the people around you understand this is very important.

Sample text: l am truly sorry for not returning your book on time. I had a very tight schedule last evening and got caught up. Let me know where you are so that l can drop by and return the book. My apologies for the inconvenience caused. Good day.

Apology message to a friend for hurting him/her

There are times that we make mistakes that are trivial and other spontaneous. What matters is winning back that trust bestowed upon you by your friend.

Sample text: Morning, l am very sorry for hurting you last night at the club. It was never my intention; please forgive me.

Apology letter to friend for ignoring him/her

One important virtue of friendship is creating memories by spending time together. When this is a norm, any party would feel offended if they feel that you are ignoring them. Let them know that your absence is not intentional.

Sample text: Hi, l am sorry l have not been returning your calls, and l missed out on the planned camp. I have been engaged with a tight schedule at work and school; I promise to make it up to you. Please forgive me.

Apology message to friend for not being there

The presence of a friend in hard or happy times means a lot to any friendship. However, there are times when the connection is lost due to some unavoidable situations.

Sample text: Hi, l got to admit that my absence during your grieving period hurt me a lot. I missed my flight due to a mishap with my passport at the airport. I promise to make it up to you, please forgive me.

Apology letter to friend for stealing

Many people believe that respect comes first before any relationship. For that matter, stealing form a friend will surely land you in trouble.

Sample text: l am sincerely sorry for stealing your money from your purse. No matter the excuse, I admit that was very greedy of me and l promise to never steal from anyone ever in the future. Please forgive me..

Apology Message to Friend for damaging vehicle

When you are in a friendship, sharing is regarded as one of the many factors that make up the friendship. However, we need to take well care of the other party’s property like they are ours.

Sample text: I am truly sorry for damaging your car. I got hit from behind with a speeding vehicle, and the insurance company is handling the matter. I wish I could somehow save myself and the car from that incident. Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Things to Keep in Mind

Friends play an essential role in our lives. Anytime you hurt your friend, regardless of the mistake, it is always prudent that you send out an apology message asking for forgiveness. While at it, there are important things that you need to avoid while writing an apology message. Here are things to keep in mind when writing an apology message to your friend:
  •  Be completely honest
  • Avoid excuses
  •  Avoid asking questions about how the other party feels
  •  Make reasonable promises
  •  You are writing a short apology message, not a letter, so do not put too many emotions in it 
  •  Show that you truly care
  •  We all make mistakes, but do not take the blame for something you did not do

 Important to note, apologizing too much is very dangerous. Do not overdo it. 


Let’s say making a mistake is one thing, but apologizing is everything. Whatever means you choose to apologize, put your heart, and honesty into it. Take your time to write that apology message and express what we have discussed. You will surely win back your friend in no time. All the best!!