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Nobody is perfect in the world and it is a well-known fact. Everybody is prone to mistakes in one way or the other. However, it is quite important to make sure you mend situation at the proper or right time. This can be done best by writing an apology letter. The first thing for you to do is acknowledge or admit your mistake. That will help you to realize if you need to do a business or personal apology letter. If you really want to demonstrate that, you respect your relationship with concerned party, then write letter of apology immediately.

A student who has broken school rules stands to be expelled from the school. However, if he or she writes letter of apology to the head teacher in time, he or she can save the situation. The student needs to demonstrate sincerity in apologizing. Use of good and kind words in the letter is very important. Making promise of not repeating the mistake can convince the reader to forgive.