Apology Letter to Customer for Wrong Address

During peak season in the sales of your items, you might end up mixing your orders. You can send the right request to the wrong address hence causing inconvenience to your clients. If this happens, ensure that you apologize as this is the only way that will help you gain back your trust and reputation. If you don’t apologize, it might call for the end of your contact with the client.

Apology for wrong address letter format

Dear (name),

I am sorry for the mix-up about your order (order number, product name). It was shipped on time (date) but then was sent to the wrong address. It has, however, been returned to our stores. This was due to (give reasons). We are doing our best that this should never happen again.

Thank you for the patience and understanding. For this mistake on our side, we are giving you a XX% discount on your next purchase. Use the code XXXX on your next purchase to have the discount. We have, however, sent the order to your address and will be delivered within three days.


Apology for wrong address letter sample

Dear customer,

I am very sorry for the mix-up about your order 28167839, the electric kettle. The product was shipped on time on 15th Dec. It was, however, sent to a wrong address and then was sent back to the store. This is because we are currently getting a lot of orders and have therefore hired many people to do the parking to save on time. With the high number, you can expect that such might happen. We are pretty sorry.

We have now sent it to the right address, and we expect it delivered not later than two days. As we take responsibility for the mistake, we have given you a 20% discount on your next order. You can use the code number 86424 on your next purchase to get the discount.

Thank you for understanding the matter and for your patience.


ABC stores management