Apology Letter Without Admitting Guilt – (Sample Letters)

Apology letters can be written for all the right reasons you can think of. Misunderstandings are also bound to occur at all times around us and apology letters can be used to fix our wrongs in such times. A bad misunderstanding with your boss can even result in you losing your job if an apology does not come from you. Similarly, we may lose our families if misunderstandings occur among us.

An apology letter is just one way of sucking it up and being the bigger person while trying to mend a relationship.

Business apology letter without admitting guilt


Dear Sir/Madam [name]

I am writing this letter to apologize for any hurt emotions, disagreements and negative utterances that may have been made during our argument. My policies throughout my professional life have always included being understanding, patient, courteous and utterly professional. I am sorry if you felt otherwise and treated in contrasting manner.

I hope that we can move past our disagreement and go back to our work relationship, mutual respect and understanding as it was before.

Yours Sincerely,

[Full Name – Signature]

Personal Apology Letter Without Admitting Guilt

Dear [name],

For the longest time I ever I have gone without speaking to you. I love how determined you have always been and how much of a great person you have grown to become. We have grown up together and endured most of life’s trials together. You have been more than a friend to me and I really appreciate that. I can’t admit that I would be lost without you, but you know me too well to realize how much you mean to me. Our relationship means a lot to me and I would not jeopardize it for {whatsoever reason}.

I understand if my words made you feel like you did not mean anything to me but believe me when I say that am going crazy without you. I miss calling you all night without any good reason.

Please call me back and let’s talk about it.

Yours Sincerely,

[Full Name]

Both of these letters can be used to apologize without actually having to admit of your guilt. All you have to do is put up a few but convincing words to show that you are truly apologetic. Despite this, you should be careful not to sound rude especially while addressing your boss. You never know how bad it can mess up your relationship.