Apology Letter to Teacher – Writing Guide & Sample Letters

An apology letter to teacher is written by a student or a parent to the teacher as a way of expressing regret towards an occurrence or action. Apologizing after a fault is a best way to turn a negative situation into a positive one. When a student is at fault, it is good for him/her to apologize for it, if the child is still too young to do it, the parent should send the apology letter to the teacher on their behalf. This will help the child to learn respect and be responsible in owning up a mistake.

Using a sample letter to write your apology will make things simpler, clearer and easier for you.

How to Write an Apology Letter to a Teacher


Start by salutation. The best way is to address the teacher by their name because you already know it. Address the teacher in the correct form that is know if the teacher is a Mrs. / Miss or Mr. Keep the letter formal by avoiding any fancy words. If your teacher has taught you another way of starting a letter, this will be the best place to apply the knowledge.

Begin with appreciation

You can do this by letting the teacher know that you value and respect them. This will set a friendly platform that will prove to the teacher that you care.

You can thank them for helping you improve in your academics, for their commitment to make you a better person. You can also let them know that you always enjoy his/her lessons.

Explain what happened

This is the main part of the letter and it is important to both you and the teacher. In this part, you should be genuine to explain the event of fault without giving excuses. Do not beat around the bush, the teacher already knows what happened and the best way to do this is to keep it genuine and simple.


After owning up your mistake the next step will be to apologize in a straight forward way. Say that you are sorry or that you regret what happened. This will prove to the teacher that you really apologize for what happened. Let the teacher know that you are seeking forgiveness. You can say, “Please forgive me for the fault”

Promise that it will not happen again

Make sure that you include this part in your letter. Let the teacher know that you have learnt from the mistake and you will not repeat the same again.

Close your letter

Close the letter by saying “thank you” or “sincerely yours”

Apology Letter to Teacher (format)

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss. Last Name),

I am sorry for what I (said, did) the other day. I realize that my behavior was disrespectful to you, my peers and was against the school rules.

I recognize your dedication towards making me a responsible person in the society as well as helping me keep improving in my academics. I also appreciate how you make learning seem easy by making the lesson fun.

I regret this behavior and I promise that it will not happen again. Please forgive me.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

(Student Name)

Apology Letter to Teacher for Cheating

Dear (Teacher/School),

I am deeply sorry for cheating on the science test that we just did.

I am well aware that this behavior is against the school rules and it is a behavior that let the whole classroom down. I also portrayed a very bad image on myself which has caused me too much stress. I have realized that i should have studied hard to avoid this bad behavior.

I am asking for your forgiveness and I promise that this incident will not happen again. Moving forward, I will study hard to make sure that I not only sit for the exams without cheating but I also pass with the best grades.

Thank you in advance for your forgiveness.



Apology Letter for Misbehavior from Parents

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss,

I am writing to let you know that I am really sorry for the way my daughter behaved on Friday. I am aware that her behavior is unacceptable to the school and it was a let down to the entire class.

I acknowledge the efforts that you are making to make my daughter become a better person in society by helping her on how to behave well. I also appreciate on how you are putting efforts to make sure that she continues improving in her academics.

I and Tanya’s dad has talked to her about it and put some measures on her to make sure that she does not repeat this behavior again. I promise that we will do our part as parents to make sure that she keeps a good behavior.

Kindly accept my sincere apology. I hope that the relationship between me and the school will continue well towards achieving greatness. I thank you.


(Name of Parent)

Apology Letter to Teacher for Misbehavior from Student

Dear Mr. /Mrs. / Miss,

I am sorry for my bad behavior during the science lesson yesterday. I realize that this behavior caused embarrassment to me, you and the entire class. I also know that the behavior is against the school rules.

I would like to apologize for this, it was wrong that I (explain the behavior). I am really sorry for this.

I promise that this will not happen again. I will put more efforts in behaving in the best way for a better progress towards achieving my goal of being the best. Please accept my apology.

I thank you.



Apology Letter to Teacher for Not Attending Class

Dear Mrs. /Mrs. / Miss,I am writing to say that I am really sorry for not attending yesterday’s afternoon lecture.

I do not have a good reason why I failed to attend this important lecture. I acted irresponsible and I am deeply sorry for this. Please forgive me.

I promise not to repeat this mistake again. I will work hard to cover the topic that I missed so that I can catch up with the rest of the class.

Thank you.



Apology Letter to Teacher from Parents

This is a letter written by the parent apologizing for his or her child’s inappropriate action. A parent might write apology letter if the child cannot be able to write the letter independently. In the letter make sure to have all details, and reason why you are apologizing. You should be able to demonstrate how you regret for the action, and how you plan to fix it. Promise that the mistake shall never happen again in future. Convince the recipient such that he would forgive and offer good teaching atmosphere to your child.
Apology Letter to Teacher from Parents

Apology Letter to Teacher for Not Doing Homework

This is letter is written by student to the teacher conveying apology for not doing homework. As a student, you should admit the mistake and name the specific homework or subject. Give good reasons using appropriate words why you never did the homework. It is important for the letter to be accompanied by homework when it is done. This will convince the recipient to forgive you, when he sees the work done. Ask for the chance to have things done if not done. Promise the mistake shall never appear again in future. Never sound defensive in your letter. Be humble.
Apology Letter to Teacher for Not Doing Homework

Apology Letter For Misbehavior In Class

This type of letter is addressed to the principal from the student. In most cases this is when a particular teacher as lodged a complaint against the student. The student could have misbehaved when the teacher was teaching. In your apology letter to the principal for misbehaving, explain very well the event that took place. Convince the principal that indeed you are sorry for your actions. Express how you regret and the way you plan not to happen again. When you are having a problem in understanding that your action was wrong, you may consult your parents. Through understanding, you will be able to realize how you affected other students.
Apology Letter For Misbehavior In Class

Apology Letter for Cheating in Exam

The apology letter for cheating is written to the teacher from the student, conveying his apology in cheating exams. You should express his regrets for the precise manner. You should indicate what happened and contributed him in mal practicing exam time. Make sure use good and kind words to ask for apology. Convince the teacher that you shall not repeat the behavior again in future. Own up the mistake.
Apology Letter for Cheating in Exam

Apology Letter to Teacher for Absence

It is a letter from the student to the teacher apologizing for school absence. Missing school without permission from the teacher is not something good. When you are absent from school without permission, apology letter will make things better. You will include in your letter the reasons that made you absent. You could have fallen sick all over sudden. You can attach the doctor’s note in your letter if you were sick. Try to show it was something inevitable. However, promise to be notifying your teacher even if it is through phone calls. This will improve the relationship with your teacher. Make sure to use kind words when asking for apology. A little courtesy can go a long way.
Apology Letter to Teacher for Absence

Apology Letter to Principal for Breaking School Rules

This is a letter from the student addressed to the school principal. Generally, we know breaking rules is something so bad. It could have some repercussions. When you break set rules, it is a serious offense can lead you to be expelled from the school. However, an apology letter will save the situation and things will be better. Express how you regret of your behavior and you are aware of consequences. In your letter content, add what lead you to break the rules. Show that you will never break again the school rules. Own up the mistake or offense. Remember to use good words to convince the principal to forgive you.
Apology Letter to Principal for Breaking School Rules

Things to keep in mind when writing your letter

  • Acknowledge your mistake. The important part of the apology letter is to accept that you were wrong. Whether you have a genuine reason for acting or saying what you said or did, you have to acknowledge that you were wrong. To make sure that you write it in the best way, reflect on what you did before writing the letter.
  • Be genuine. Remember before you even send the apology letter, the recipient already knows what you did wrong. In this case, you have to be straight forward on what you did and mention the mistake in the letter. This will prove that you are sorry and have taken responsibility.
  • Own up your mistake. Write this letter without trying to drag someone else or blaming another person for leading you to behave badly. Focus on your actions and feelings.
  • Do not make excuses. There could be a good reason on why you cheated on exams or why you shouted at your teacher, this does not give you a ground to make excuses in the apology letter. Excuses will only undermine your efforts and make you look like you are justifying the mistake.
  • Promise not to repeat the mistake again. There is always a lesson learnt from a mistake. This is whether it was unavoidable or intentional. The best way to mend this mistake is to promise not to repeat it again in future by explaining the measures you have put in place to make sure that the mistake does not happen again.
  • Keep your promise. To make sure that you keep the promise, it is good to only promise on what you know is applicable and you can keep. Do not promise that you will not doze off in class again if you know that you are on medication that causes drowsiness, in such a case, explain the situation you are in. Make promises that you only know that you can keep.
  • Summarize what you have learnt. Explain what you have learnt from a mistake. For example, if you missed a lesson because you had a personal matter to attend to, you can say that you have learnt from the mistake and next time you will call in to excuse yourself for missing the lesson.

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