Apology Letter to Get the Job Back

Apology letter to get back the job back is written to the former employer to express regret for the mistake that led the employee to being demoted or fired from the job. This letter is a kind request to be rehired. You may also have quit your job and regretted doing that. Writing an apology letter to get the job back is not so easy because you are uncertain if the employee will consider giving you back the job.

Using a sample letter will make things easier, clearer and simpler for you. You might not get your job back, but you will have expressed your regret and this might mend the relationship between you and your former boss.

How to Write a Letter Asking for your Job Back

Apologizing shows a person is concerned about keeping a good relationship with the recipient. It also means that you are sorry about a mistake and you regret doing it.

Keep it Formal

The letter is being addressed to your former boss. It should therefore be kept formal and follow the procedure of a formal letter which includes, your address, recipients address, subject line, body of the letter and the signature. The formal format also means that the letter is straight to the point.


In this part, you should introduce yourself to the recipient. Remind them who you are by mentioning the department where you were working as well as the job title. It is also important to mention how long you worked in the company/institution. This will remind them about your commitment in the company.

Sell yourself to the company

Do not assume that the recipient remembers you, your achievements and your commitment at the job. It is important to mention them in the letter so that the recipient can remember. Talk about how you would want to even achieve more for the company. Remember to keep it brief.

Be flexible

Do this by asking about other opportunities. Your previous position might not be available by the time you are writing. Show your interest in the company by asking for other positions, which you know that you can be able to fill and perform well in it.

Be sure of what you are asking

Make a list of the pros and cons of going back to your previous employer. Think about the reason you had left and if you will be able to bear the issue if it arises again. Do not be quick to as for your position back without first thinking if you will be comfortable. As hard as it sounds, do not go back out of desperation because you will still quit again or be fired again.

Proof read the letter

Go through the letter and correct spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammar mistakes.

Apology Letter to Get the Job Back

Dear [Mr./ Mrs. Name],

I have worked in [company name], at [designation] for a period of 5 years and I have loved my job. This was until last month. I am deeply sorry for [rude remark/unprofessional behavior/minor offense or violation, etc] this reflected a bad image on me, and it was even wrong to the company. This is not what the company expected from me. I understand the punishment that is warranted by this. I am sincerely sorry for that.

I feel that I still should have done more for the company and I still have a lot to accomplish. I had built a strong clientele in the company; I need to serve the as I had promised and even build more on the growth of the company in terms of getting more clients. I must say that I enjoyed working for the company a lot and this was my second home.

I am kindly requesting if you can spare some time for me this week so that we can talk over this issue. If this is possible, kindly let me know through my number [your contacts]. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Apology Letter to Employer [Asking Second Chance]

Dear [Mr./ Mrs. Name],

This is to sincerely apologize for the mistake that I did. This was unprofessional of me and I am really sorry it happened. I thank you for addressing it so professionally.

I know that this has caused problems in my workstation and the company at large. I am sorry and I hope for a second chance. Given the second chance, I promise to take the following steps to make sure that the mistake will not happen again: [state the steps]

Once again, I apologize for my mistake. I hope you forgive me and give me a chance to be part of the team again. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Apology Letter for Rejoining the Company

XXX Company,

Front office Manager

Subject: Apology Letter for Rejoining

Dear Sir,

I have been working in the front office desk for the last 3 years. However, I have been absent for the last 3 weeks without informing you.

This was due to my son who was taken ill and admitted to hospital. I am the only one who would have taken care of him during this time.

I just came back and found out that you have laid me off from my position. I am kindly requesting if I can get my job back. My son is now well, and I am in a good position to go back to work. Please consider my request sir. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you sir.



Key Points

Expressing a regret for a mistake is never easy but it is the only way to rebuild a broken relationship and restore trust. When writing the letter, it is important to follow these steps.
  • Express regret. Start by expressing your regret for the mistake that was done. The best words to use is “I am sorry”
  • Admit Responsibility. Own up the mistake without offering excuses or putting your blame on another person. This is the best way to ask for forgiveness.
  • Make Amends. State what you will do to make things right.
  • Promise that it won’t happen again. Make sure that you can keep the promises you are making. Do not promise what you cannot keep.