Apology Letter to Court for a Driving Offense

If you realize that you have done a mistake and have been charged with such an offense in court, you can get down to write an apology letter to the court. Apology letter to court simply refers to that letter you write to show remorse for your driving offense pleading to the court that you are sorry for what you did and that they can consider treating you leniently. The apology, in this case, should be written wholeheartedly. If you are not sure of anything about it, you can get guidance from your lawyer.

However, we got you the tips on how to go about your letter:

Tips for writing an apology to court for a driving offense

Address the letter to ‘your honor’. in most cases, letters are addressed to ‘dear’. However, you should take note to address your honor in this case. It is a way of showing respect and the willingness to adhere to the decision of the court. Ensure that you have written it in clear handwriting, date it and finally remember to sign.
  • Be clear on the subject matter. You should make it very clear why you are writing a given letter. Even without the body of the letter, the subject line and probably the introduction paragraph should be enough to tell why you are writing the letter. The bottom line should be the apology for the offense you did while driving.
  • Take responsibility for what you did. When writing such a letter, you have no ground of defending yourself. You got to accept the responsibility of what you did. Do not give out excuses.
  • Say soothing about yourself. You can also say something about yourself which will drive the court to treat you with some leniency. For instance, you can talk about being a role model for your family or the team you are leading at the workplace. This would make the court to know that it wasn’t intentional that you committed the crime.
  • Talk about your arrest. You can talk about how you were arrested for the offense. Was it humiliating or not? Talk about it.
  • Talk about any step you have taken since you were arrested. You can as well tell the court what you have done since you were arrested in an attempt to learn about the implications of what you did. If the event caused psychological torture to you, you can go ahead to stating that since then, you have seen a psychologist and so you have made a commitment not to repeat the offense.

Sample apology letter to court for a driving offense

Your honor,

Subject: Apology for careless driving

I am writing this letter to express my remorse for careless driving which endangered the life of two schoolboys. I really have no excuse for having to drive carelessly. I was so much in a hurry since I was attending our Board meeting in our office. I have been driving and working for the last 24 years and I have never had a court arrest. I have been a good role model for my two girls and a boy, and I would not like my arrest to affect them emotionally.

I was arrested just in front of my two colleagues whom I was driving to our office. I would not want the arrest to affect my job. I, however, had to face it and apologize for the disappointment I caused them. Since the arrest, however, I have visited my psychologist who warned me not to be in a hurry next time. I recognize that I have placed the life of the young school kids in danger, but I have been visiting them in the hospital, their condition is becoming better. I have taken full responsibility for the whole mess. I promise that I will never be careless again and over speed on our roads.



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