Apology Letter to Boss for Stealing

Office theft has always been in issue with companies. Try as they might, companies do have trouble regulating such actions, and end up losing thousands of dollars this way. Hence, when an employee is thought to have engaged in this action, it’s imperative that they state their case immediately in order to put to rest any incorrect assumptions that can occur.

One of the first steps is for the employee to make their case with an apology letter to their boss, where they can make their apology, take responsibility for their actions, explain those actions, and offer to help in making things right.

Sample Apology Letter for Stealing

Dear Mr. Anderson:

It is with deepest regrets that I must compose this letter. I apologize profusely for any damage that was caused by my untoward action. I had no idea that were were not allowed to take company pens out of the storage room for work purposes. I had no idea that there pens were only to be used to as give-aways at corporate events.

After speaking with co-workers, I learned how terribly upset you were because of this misunderstanding, and you should be. You’ve held me up as a trusted employee for many years now, often using me as an example of what a good corporate representative should be, and how they should behave. Sadly, I feel that I have accidentally broken this trust.

I hereby write this letter of apology to reinforce my desire to prove myself to you again. I take full responsibility for the act of not inquiring as to what and who that box of corporate pens was for. I understand that you take storage room inventory quite seriously and were appalled when it was found out via security cameras that it was I who removed the box of pens from the storage cabinet.

I have already contacted the company and ordered more pens, but this time, I handled the expense of the pens in an act of trying to prove to you that I’m up and open to do anything which will help to regain your trust in me.

If there is anything else I can to do make this right, please contact me and I will do whatever it is that you suggest. Thank you for your kind attention to the above matter.

Yours Sincerely,