Apology Letter to Boss for Sending the Wrong Email

Here, in this apology letter the employee ended up sending an email filled with important, ‘top secret’ information regarding their project to someone who should not have received it. In today’s fast paced office environment, of course it’s easy to make accidental mishaps. Something as simple as two recipients having similar names can cause anyone to send an email to the wrong person if done in haste.

Such is the case here.

Sample Apology Letter for Sending the Wrong Email

Dear Ms. Flanders:

This letter concerns my sincerest regrets in sending the email regarding Project A’s final completion date when I should have sent the email regarding our accounting objectives. As a result, important, private information regarding Project A’s data has been accidentally released with no way of retrieving it.

I realize that by this action I have let you and ACME Periodicals down. I am extremely sorry for my actions and understand how upset you are feeling regarding this most disastrous mistake. This not only makes our department look incompetent, but you as well, as you gave me strict instructions to never alert anyone outside of our office any data regarding Project A’s progress.

I am here to announce that I take full responsibility for whatever injury that this action may have caused. While it was not intentional, that does not make the situation any better. I regret the incident, the effect it had on you, the team and our company.

I have made contact with the recipient and they have agreed to not only delete the letter, but state that the information enclosed within will remain private, and the incident will remain closed. They agreed to sign a note stating such and it will be delivered to your office by Monday noon.

If there is anything else, I can do to rectify the situation, please do not hesitate to let me know so I may fix the situation. It is important to me that I earn back the trust you bestowed upon me.

Yours Sincerely,