Apology Letter to Boss for Quitting Job

Employees leave their positions for a variety of reasons. They may find a better position elsewhere, need to take a hiatus with the possibility of return, or family leave. Whatever the reason, when an employee finds themselves in the position to quit a job at the spur of the moment, it’s imperative that they do so in a professional manner and compose a well-written apology letter to their boss, which will also go into their file. This shows that the employee left on good terms and also leaves the door open for a return. In this case, our employee is quitting in order to take care of their elderly parents.

However, they have made an attempt to smooth the situation over by offering to work from home if possible.

Apology Letter for Quitting Job

Dear Ms. Timmons:

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to hastily quit my position at ACME Periodicals in order to travel back east to take care of my invalid mother. I realize that this took you and the department completely by surprise, and I am just so sorry that it happened this way. I let you down and contributed to putting you in a rather awkward position.

I understand how upset you must be at my decision to leave the company. For over 14 years I’ve been your personal assistant, and we’ve gone through so much together. I feel genuinely sad and regret the trouble I’ve caused with my decision. The fact that you have to hire and get used to another personal assistant does not seem fair, especially when I realize how well you’ve treated me over the years.

However, as an only child, I am all my good parents have, thus must devote my life to their remaining years. I cannot, with good conscience, allow them to become trapped inside an assisted care facility, no matter how convenient it would make my life. I need to ensure that their remaining years are good ones. They raised me and put aside much to make certain that I had what I needed, now it is my turn.

I did take the initiative to talk to Mr. Philips in Human Resources, and he stated that if you were open to it, I could still work for ACME Periodicals in a part time, online only position, as I can perform the duties I held which involved data, etc. at home. If you are accepting of this, Mr. Philips is more than willing to make the adjustments.

Again, please accept my deepest and sincerest apologies. I will do whatever I can to ease this transition, and obviously consider any and all suggestions you offer. Thank you so much for 14, very good years under your employment.

Yours Sincerely,