Apology Letter to Boss for Not Sending Reports

When reports are not delivered when they are expected, it can toss a wrench into the workings of an office. Delays can occur, along with bad feelings. After all, people are expected to send their reports in on time so that valuable data can be distributed to those who need it to complete their tasks. In the following situation, there was an issue with their database which had to be addressed or reports could not be created.

However, the issue here, is that not only were the reports not sent, but our employee neglected to notify his boss about the issue and the possibility of a delay.

Apology Letter for Not Sending Reports

Dear Mr. Conrad:

Due to my inability to finish the reports for Friday, I must apologize for their absence from your desk this Monday morning. I totally understand how this can make you feel, how upset and disappointed this was to you and to your staff, as you rely on my reports to make any weekly forecasts.

Because of my tardiness, I have let both you and the department down. These reports should have been completed on time, even if they had to be done by hand. There is no excuse for me not having something to show for the department’s efforts. I realize how disappointed you are, and I’m very sad for any inconvenience that my actions caused you and the company.

There is no one to point a finger at, no one to blame. I am totally responsible for the quarterly reports not being in at the prescribed time. You told me when they were supposed to be in. In fact, You handed out an entire time line with deadlines clearly marked. As such, I can only state that due to circumstances beyond my control, I could not get the reports to your desk on time.

On April 18, 2019 I received a request from Jacobs in accounting to assist with their database. As this information was vital to the reports, I had no choice but to go and assist him with the issue. Unfortunately, this took up much of my afternoon. Before we both knew it, the office was closing, so we had to wrap it up and leave ASAP. By the time everything was straightened out, there was no time left to get the reports to you in a presentable condition.

I am extremely sorry for this incident. While it was out of my control, I neglected to notify you via inter office email of the issue. As you received no email from myself of Jacobs, it’s only natural that you feel a bit blindsided by the entire situation. Because of this neglect on my part, you had no idea why the reports were not on your desk. This, understandably, led to you feeling confused and disappointed.

I have since rectified the situation with the database and the reports are now complete and have been given to your personal assistant. I have continued to work with Jacobs on the database issue so this type of delay does not occur again. Plus, I am determined to be better at office communication in the future.

If there is anything else I can do to assist in mending the situation, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time of the day or night, in office or at home. I look forward to proving myself to you, and re-establishing your trust in me.

Thank you.

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