Apology Letter to Boss for Not Attending Meeting

As we all know, there are times when life simply interferes with our plans. Office meetings are terribly important when it comes to the discussion of departmental goals, and other items of importance. If something happens where you cannot attend a meeting, an apology letter to your boss is an absolute must. In this situation, a power outage knocked out the power and our employee overslept.

Because a “power outage” excuse can be falsified, our employee was careful to enclose evidence from the power company that there was indeed, a power outage the morning of the meeting.

Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting

Dear Mr. Link:

I hereby offer you my sincerest apologies in regard to missing this week’s meeting. I know how important this meeting was in that it covered the goals we were to achieve in the next, upcoming year. I am in total agreement that what happened was wrong, and that I also understand how badly you feel due to my untimely absence for this important meeting.

As I understand it by those in attendance, you were none too happy with my absence from our Monday morning meeting. I can only comprehend how upset you are and how disappointed you feel. I realize that my absence from the Monday meeting put a black eye on those from our department, our company, and most importantly, you.

I am a realist and totally accept my responsibility for this snafu. The reason for the meeting just could not have been helped, it was one of those things which seemed to have happened only on the ‘off chance’, yet it happened, and I am truly sorry for any inconvenience or embarrassment that it caused you.

The reason for my absence from the Monday meeting was a simple one: A power outage. We had a power outage in our area, and none of our clocks went off. In short, both my husband and I overslept by 45 minutes. As a result, I was not able to get ready in time for the 9 a.m. meeting.

Enclosed I have the information regarding the power outage, along with the contact information for our power company. I’ve taken the liberty to inquire to co-workers regarding the information shared in our meeting and feel that I am currently up to date.

Again, please find it within yourself to forgive me. I’ll do whatever it takes to win back the trust you had placed in me and see me as a diligent and able member of our division team. If I can do anything to assist in making this up to you, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you.