Apology Letter to Boss for Not Achieving Target

For businesses who depend on sales for their profits, if employees neglect to achieve their sales targets, the business fails to grow. Sales targets are set for a reason, and that is to encourage employees to reach specified goals. This is a must, for if sales targets are not met, then the business will cease to exist. Now that you know the importance of a sales goal, it’s evident how important it is to meet those goals. In the following situation, an employee had learned that his son was ill, and had difficulty meeting the target.

He addressed the situation in a professional manner, he explained it thoroughly, and attempted to make amends.

Apology Letter for Not Achieving Target

Dear Ms. Simms:

Please accept my deepest regrets on not being able to achieve my target for this quarter. I realize that I had been the top in sales for the past 3 quarters, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to track many of the leads I had worked so hard to obtain. I totally understand how this has let you down, and I wish to convey my solemn apologies that I missed this quarters target.

There is no excuse that I can hand you to make the situation better. I totally understand how you feel, the disappointment and regret as you, yourself promised the chairman that you’d have the numbers in by Friday. The fact that I did not achieve my target for this quarter must make you wonder just what I’ve been doing with my time, and you would be correct to do so.

Not achieving a sales target is an embarrassment, not only to myself but to you and the department as well. Sometimes, nothing goes as you plan, and due to the circumstances i was unable to continue to catch up on my leads, make connections, even updating my LinkedIn profile became difficult to do. However, I am here to claim full responsibility for missing my sales target.

Basically, we had just learned at the beginning of our sales quarter, that my child had contracted cancer. Needless to say, my wife and I were beside ourselves with grief, as the prognosis was and is not good. We decided to play it close to the vest, and not say anything in order to help give ourselves time to adjust to the situation. Because of this, it was difficult for me to think of anything else.

We have since adjusted to the situation, we have come to accept it and realize that working toward a common goal, the health and well being of our son also involves returning to a regular way of life. As you have seen with the enclosed data sheet, my sales have already started to regain their numbers, and I assure you that before long, I’ll be reaching my sales target again, in no time.

I’ll do whatever it takes to regain my status as a leader in the department with regards to sales. I’ve spoken to HR about my issues, and they are backing me 100 percent, and have let me in on many employee support groups which are run by the company.

If there is anything else that I can do for you, please let me know. I promise you that I’ll do whatever it takes to strengthen our bond, and bring in more profit for the company, and reach my former status as a lead in sales.

Yours Sincerely,