Apology Letter to Boss for Misunderstanding

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try do our best, and convey our meaning, things can become misconstrued. When misunderstandings occur, they can damage not only the workflow, but also our relationships. In order to help overcome these misunderstandings, a letter of apology can be most helpful.

In this letter, you have an opportunity to apologize, admit to what you’ve done, and explain your position in the matter.

Sorry Letter to Boss for Misunderstanding

Dear Ms. Pomfrey:

It is with my deepest regret that I caused the misunderstanding between us, which occurred yesterday during our meeting. It was not my intention to cause you any form of distress. I am aware how it must have made you feel, especially as I was the one who did not understand the full impact of my words.

I realize that my words left you in a state of confusion. I was coming from a different page and did not understand the concept you were trying to explain to me. In truth, it was my fault for not asking for clarification on the matter. I shoulder the responsibility, and completely get why you would be feeling upset. The fault of the misunderstanding belongs to me and me alone.

I was under the impression that we were going to move forward with Project A and be leaving Project B on the waiting list. However, I recently learned that while away on my business meeting to Portland, Project A had been put into action, and Project B was to be delayed. I neglected to take the initiative to inquire about the status of our projects, and hence, our misunderstanding.

I have since talked to the team leaders of each project and updated myself on all current initiatives. I have agreed to work overtime on Project A, and to move to further ahead into fruition. I hope these steps convince you that I am sincere in my desire to prove myself a reliable, dependable and trustworthy member of ACME Periodicals.

If there is anything more, I can do to prove my desire to be a contributing member of the team, please do not hesitate to inform me. After which I’ll begin to work solely on that project.

Yours Sincerely,


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