Apology Letter to Boss for Miscommunication

Even in today’s world of social media, opportunities for miscommunication exist. No matter how many avenues of communication exist, from texting to making phone calls, the margin for error is still very much real.

In our example, our employee experienced a miscommunication incident with their boss at a dinner party.

Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Miscommunication

Dear Mr. Connor:

Please accept my apology for the miscommunication which occurred during our office dinner party last Friday. I realize how important the information was regarding Project A, and my misinterpretation of it must have caused you much confusion. I am also becoming aware that my miscommunication was taken as a truth, when it was not, by members of management.

realize that the resulting confusion due to the miscommunication took a great toll on you. I also understand that this was a big disappointment to you, as I was your protege. The miscommunication was due to the fact that I did not take the initiative and contact the team leader of Project A, and simply made an incorrect assumption regarding the project, its completion date, and progress.

I take full responsibility for this mishap. My dialogue was not backed up by facts but fueled by an incorrect assumption. I understand that this fact alone, basing my dialogue on an unsupported assumption was irresponsible, and I should have known better. I can make no excuse for my behavior.

The result of this lack of good judgement on my part, meant caused a great deal of confusion, and the number of phone calls from concerned investors due to my action is unpardonable.

I have since taken it upon myself to contact each of the investors personally, and explained the incident, and my part in it. Each investor now understands the situation, and the you had nothing to do with anything, that you had no knowledge of what I spoke, and explained the truth of the situation. The result was that the investors now understand the incident and are again confident in our operations regarding Project A.

If there is any more, I can do to appease, correct or reduce the damage caused by my actions, please contact me any time of the day or night.

Yours Sincerely,


Apology Letter for Miscommunication (Word Template)

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