Apology Letter to Boss for Lying

The world is riddled with little white lies, those statements which are not truly damaging, but are often used to make others feel better about themselves or help us get through the day. In our sample apology letter below, an employee was asked to play a role in obtaining his bosses phone/address book by his wife, for the purpose of obtaining contact information for a surprise party. Our hapless employee did as the wife bid and removed the book off his boss’s desk.

However, as things happened, his wife was held up in traffic, the book could not be returned in time, and our employee was forced to lie to his boss about the missing book.

Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Lying

Dear Ms. Livingstone:

This letter is in reference to the incident which occurred last Friday, where I misrepresented myself to you during our conversation. You inquired to me if I knew who removed your phone book from your desk. I told you that I did not know who did it, when it was, in fact, myself. I regret having to play the part that I was resigned to play,

I feel terrible knowing that during the interim, you felt disappointed in me, and sad that you had given me such responsibilities to fulfill, that now I could not even be trusted with the least of tasks. Under no circumstances did I wish for this to happen. I’m full of extreme regret as I compose this letter, and I will continue to feel this way until you know the entire story.

Because of how the situation went down, I realize my part in it, and am totally responsible for all that you’ve gone through. No matter how innocent the situation, I still feel very distraught, and claim full responsibility for the entire situation. After all, you entrusted me with watching over your items while you were at lunch, entrusted me with your belongings, and it was I that removed your phone book, and stated to your face that I did not.

Earlier in the week, your wife contacted me and requested I grab your personal phone book for her. She stated that she’d be by before lunch and have the book back to me before 2 p.m. that very day. However, due to traffic she was late, and I was not able to get the phone book back on your desk in time. As you well know now, she required that book in order to contact your friends and associates to invite them to your surprise party.

All of this has been hidden, until now. I can finally admit my role in this, and finally have a chance to tell you that it was all done for the sake of your surprise party! However, at the time I could not admit it this without spilling the beans, and had to wait until now, 5 days after the incident, the day after your party, to tell you the truth.

I sincerely hope that shedding light on the topic can help restore your trust in me. If anything, the fact that I took the reprimand and stayed silent for a week, shows that indeed, I can still be trusted. Please see fit to accept my apology for any stress this caused you.

Yours Sincerely,


Apology Letter to Boss for Lying (Word Template)

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