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Apology Letter to Boss for Leaving Early

If an employee is directed to stay at their work station for a certain time period, they are to do so. If an employee must leave early for any reason, and don’t follow the proper protocol, then they must definitely apologize to their manager for the mishap. In our following example, a father receives a text from a nervous caregiver that his daughter is experiencing an asthmatic attack. In a flurry of emotions, he quickly exists the premises without notifying anyone. As a result, he is at risk of reprimand.

To help soothe the situation, he apologizes, accepts full responsibility, and explains his reasons.

Sample Apology Letter for Leaving Early

Dear Mr. Tryon:

I’m taking this opportunity to let you know how upset I feel at my decision of leaving early yesterday without advance notice. I’d like to apologize to you and my co-workers for my rash decision. Even though it was due to a family trauma, there is no excuse for leaving so quickly that I could not have left a note with someone.

I can totally understand how this must have made you feel, especially during this time of the year. The act of leaving early was unprofessional. I should have known how this would have affected you. However, at the time it did not seem as if it would matter, as our department was caught up in its weekly tasks. Still, to ignore our corporate policies was wrong and made our department look badly.

Because of the situation and how you feel, I take full responsibility for leaving early on Friday. There really is no excuse for just leaving, without letting my team know what was going on. I took liberties with your good nature, which was wrong of me. Please accept my apology for this mishap in good judgement.

The reason for my early departure was due to receiving a text message that my daughter had an asthmatic reaction and her sitter had become extremely nervous. Even though our sitter administered the correct medication, she had never seen an asthmatic reaction before and became noticeably shaken and contacted me for immediate assistance. Thus, my reason for grabbing my coat and rushing for the door without warning. Just to be sure, we took my daughter to our physician.

I have since contacted each of my team members to apologize for my leaving early and made inquiries as to the state of the project, which was stable. I am enclosing our physicians note along with her contact information in case you wish to verify the incident.

If there is anything else, I can do to re-establish your trust in my performance, please do contact me at your earliest convenience. I will do whatever you ask in order to restore your faith in me. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,