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Apology Letter to Boss for Late Joining

In this case, an employee agreed to attend a meeting, seminar or other event held by their boss, on a certain date. They already signed up, but due to unforeseen circumstances, could not attend the event. As you’ve been expected, and do not show up, it’s imperative to offer an apology letter, especially if you want to remain in good graces with the individual or institution.

Here, our employee had already signed up for the meeting, and when they could not attend, they sent an apology letter to their boss, stated their reason, and asked what they could do to rectify the situation.

Apology Letter for Late Joining

Dear Mr. Wilson:

I am composing this letter to announce my deepest regrets and to offer my sincerest apologies in regard to my late arrival to our 2:30 p.m. meeting, especially after I had signed my name to the office form, stating that I would be in attendance. I totally comprehend the position this puts us in, the fact that it makes me look as if I am not responsible and that in turn, makes it look as if you, my department and company are irresponsible.

I can understand how difficult this must be for you, as you pride your department on being punctual in all things. By not showing up on time, it made our entire department look bad in the eyes of upper management, as this was an important meeting. I realize that there was a waiting list for this meeting, so my absence could have given my chair to another, had I notified you in advance. Plus, there is the issue with refreshments, as they are purchased in accordance to the number in attendance.

Of course, I take full responsibility for my actions in this matter. I was well aware that the meeting began at 2:30 in the afternoon. There is no excuse for my tardiness. Everyone in the department is to respect the corporate policies, and timeliness is one of those policies. In the end, I can only state that I was wrong in my tardy arrival, and wrong in not sending an email or placing a call alerting you that I would be late.

At the last moment, a personal life event called me away from my desk. It was a phone call from my wife stating that our daughter had fallen from the swing set and was being driven to the doctors. Even though she had taken care of everything, I was flush with worry, and contacted the physician’s office to make inquiries. As a result, I was late to the meeting.

I have since spoken with co-workers who attended the meeting and was kept up to date with all that transpired. I have read the minutes of the meeting as well. I am deeply sorry for everything that transpired.

I’ve enclosed my physicians contact information so you may check the validity of the story. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to make this up to you. Thank you for your attention to my letter of apology.

Yours Sincerely,