Apology Letter to Boss for Forgetting Something

Apology Letter to Boss for Forgetting Something

No one is perfect, and we all have times when we forget something important. When such things occur, it’s a good idea to take full responsibility for forgetting things such as an important date, an event or milestone date. Offering an apology to your boss for forgetting something in which they depended on you to remember and implement, can be crucial to re-establishing employee/employer trust.

Here is a sample apology letter to employer for forgetting something.

Sample Apology Letter for Forgetting Something

Dear Mr. Phillips:

Please accept my sincerest apology for neglecting to lock your filing cabinet last week, Wednesday. You personally stressed the importance of keeping this cabinet secured at all times, and even entrusted me with the key. As a result, I’m extremely upset that I forgot to lock the cabinet after removing the Anderson Files. I realize the extent of damage which could have occurred if the contents of your cabinet were to get into unauthorized hands.

I can imagine the situation this put you in with upper management. The danger of any of our confidential information regarding our clients must be recognized. In a business such as ours, it is of the utmost importance that we maintain a secure network and that our clients trust in our abilities to keep their business matters secret be maintained to the highest order. I also understand the stress you experienced when you learned of the incident, and how much it could have cost the company.

I take full responsibility for the action, and promise that it will not happen again. The entire, unfortunate event has made me realize that I have been taking my responsibilities all too freely, almost performing my duties without giving them a second thought. Because of this, we almost had a client confidentiality security breach.

Since this event occurred, I’ve taken it upon myself to concentrate more on my duties, and to keep a work diary of items that I have done, to get me in the habit of centering my concentration on the duties at hand, and not be doing one thing, and thinking about the next. I’ve also clarified that no important information left your office, by combing through the cabinet, searching for missing files, of which there were none.

I totally understand that I let you down, and of course expect a reprimand for my actions. I will take any action you recommend in order to help restore trust between us and reinforce my worthiness in being a key-holder for your cabinet. I understand your disappoint in my actions, and can assure you that I’ll take every precaution to never let this happen again.

Yours Sincerely,


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