Apology Letter to Boss for Being Absent

Due to family issues, personal traumas and illnesses it often becomes necessary to call in and declare yourself absent for a day or more. Normally, this should not be an issue, as companies provide employees with a certain number of sick days. However, there may be a time when an absence occurs at an inconvenient time, usually when a department is working toward a certain goal.

In this instance, it’s prudent to take this opportunity to make your apology and explain why you were absent.

Apology Letter for Being Absent

Dear Mr. Nealy:

Please accept my apology for being absent on the day of Monday’s meeting. I realize that this put you and the company in a particularly awkward situation, and wholeheartedly understand how and why you are disappointed in me. My presence, though not necessary, was still important as I was a representative of my division with regards to the project.

My unprofessional behavior put an immediate damper on our employer/employee relationship. You had alerted me to this meeting a week prior and stated its importance. To miss such a pivotal meeting left you disappointed, and that I understand.

Therefore, I take full responsibility for my actions. I was the one who knew about the date and time of the meeting, I was the one who even sent out corporate emails alerting others of this meeting. No matter the reason for my absence, I should have at least made an effort to attend.

However, my physician, Dr. Lemond made the decision that I was not able to attend at the last minute due to my inner ear infection. He stated that no matter how important the meeting, I was to remain at home until the infection passed. As my drive to constantly perform and compete was strong, I neglected to tell you about this, as I did not wish to appear weak and unable to attain my sales goals for the quarter. However, this was also my downfall, as I became so ill, I could not leave the house on Monday.

I am enclosing Dr. Lemond’s note, and his contact information for you in case you’d like to verify my reason for being absent the past 5 days, which included missing Monday’s meeting. I am so sorry. If there is anything, I can do to make it all up to you, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely,


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