Apology Letter to Boss for a Mistake

Sometimes honest mishaps occur. These are things which either cannot be helped or happen by accident. In such events, it’s important to recognize the mistake, own up to it and explain it. This can often be done quite well in the form of an apology letter.

After you apologize and take responsibility for the error, you are to then explain what happened, and ask if there is anything more that you can do for your boss to make the situation right again.

Sample Apology Letter to Employer for Mistake

Dear Ms. Benson:

I would like to take this time to express my deepest regrets for accidentally hanging up on your wife on Tuesday of last week. I had no idea that it was your wife, and I understand my actions hurt her deeply. I know how important it is to you to always receive each and every phone call from your beloved wife, as you have given me such instructions. It was extremely unprofessional of me to allow this to happen to the both of you.

As I cannot change the past, I am here to notify you that said action will never happen again, to your wife or anyone else. I will become more knowledgeable regarding the staff, their family members and friends, so this embarrassment will never occur in our business again. Personally, I can only imagine the hurt feelings and shock that this brought to your wife, and to yourself when you learned of the incident when you arrived home. The action was unintentional, however that does not make it right.

I take full responsibility for the mistake of hanging up on your wife while you were in the meeting on Tuesday. I should have organized my time better, so that I was not in a rush. I should also have recognized her voice, but I did not. All I did was pay attention to the incoming number, and having not recognized the number, immediately thought it was a nuisance call. This was a horrible lapse in judgement on my part, one that will not be repeated, I assure you.

I have since taken it upon myself to update my phone listings, to count to three before I hang up on anyone, and to actively think of each and every call from now on, so as not to make this mistake again. I’ve also sent your wife a lovely bunch of spring flowers as a token of my most sincere apologies.

I truly value my position here, at ACME Periodicals, and I firmly believe that this untoward occurrence will only make me a more valued employee, as I will do my best to develop the best work habits that I can. I am open to suggestion and will do whatever it takes to make this up to you.

Yours Sincerely,