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Apology Letter to Boss for a Bad Performance

No matter how industrious an employee can be, there may be times when they perform badly in their position. There can be any number of reasons for this, but when it happens an apology letter is necessary to help smooth over any bad feelings, and to assure your boss and team members that this type of thing will not happen again.

In our example below, the employee missed an important milestone which may have caused delays in the development of the project.

Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Poor Performance

Dear Mr. Stevenson:

I ask that you accept my apology for the incident that occurred on Friday March 29, 2019, where I missed my milestone. I know how important it was to the group that I have my concept art completed by that time. I regret any inconvenience that this might have caused you, our team or the company. I also appreciate the delays that this may have caused with the project overall.

As a result of the missed milestone, I understand that tempers were frazzled, and that some, including yourself, were disappointed in my performance. I comprehend the importance of my contribution and should have known better than to mistreat the situation such. I took advantage of the good feelings the team and I shared, and ended up letting them, and you down.

I claim full responsibility for said incident. My actions exhibited an unprofessional attitude, and let those who believed and relied on me, down. The team was ready to look at the concept art, in fact they were anticipating it, knowing that they needed this before they could go further. Unfortunately, I got caught up on unnecessary detail work, and let my attention on the group of drawings suffer.

I was totally aware of the milestone being on Friday, March 30, 2019 at 2 p.m. I take full responsibility for the confusion caused. I also realize that my missing the milestone meant that the entire project would be set back for at least a week. I become centered on the one item, and allowed time to pass me by, to the point where I neglected to complete the entire group.

I can promise you that this will not happen again. I’ve taken full responsibility for the act and that I’ve signed myself up for a seminar which instructs us in how to manage our time better. The seminar is scheduled to be held on the third weekend in May.

I let both the team and myself down, and more importantly, you my boss, and the company down. The entire situation is an embarrassing, and one that does not reflect my true devotion to my creative endeavors. Please inform me if there is anything else, I need do to make things right. It is my duty to earn your trust, respect and regain your confidence in me as a top-notch talent in the industry.

Yours Sincerely,