Apology Letter to Boss and Asking for a Second Chance

We all make big mistakes from time to time. If that mistake causes you to lose face with your boss, then it’s time to compose a letter of apology in an effort to get back in their good graces. This type of response on the employee’s part showed integrity, character and the ability to work towards making amends. In this case, our employee had to deal with their beloved pooch by rushing them to the veterinarian.

Because of this, they missed an important meeting. In this case, they offered to reschedule again as well as pay for the refreshments.

Apology Letter to Get Job Back

Dear Mr. Peabody:

I hereby offer my deepest apologies for the incident on October 15, 2019. I did not mean to miss our most important meeting of the year. I understand from coworkers that you are upset, and you most certainly have every right to be. I am just so sorry that I missed such an important date, however it was due to circumstances beyond my control.

I can only imagine the pain and distress such a thing has caused you, and I really don’t know if there is a way that I can apologize to you enough. But here I am–doing my absolute best trying to appease and make amends for what happened on October 15. I so solemnly regret the even, and I truly hope that you can accept my apology.

I accept total responsibility for the action and the following repercussions. The consequences were mine and I am taking full responsibility for them. Because of my behavior, I realize how much difficulty I caused the department, and how much faith was lost in me. This is why I am humbly requesting a second chance with you.

On that fateful day of October 15, my most beloved pooch, Lanie, went into premature labor. We rushed her to the veterinarian who proceeded to do what he could. As a result of her fine work, all of the puppies were born alive and well. However, this did cause me to call in absent on the day of my big presentation, which I regret, but due to the situation I had no choice. I could not let the puppies or my beloved Lanie risk death.

I have since sent a formal letter requesting a rescheduling a time for my presentation and offered to pay for refreshments myself. I have also included a note from my Veterinarian, Dr. Simms, who attached the particulars of the incident along with her contact information should you decide to make a call to confirm the incident.

I am terribly sorry for what inconvenience this has caused. I am truly upset with myself and will do whatever you suggest making things right.

Yours Sincerely,