Apology Letter to a Police Officer

An apology letter to a police officer is a letter one writes to say sorry for hurting the officer. In their line of duty, police officers face many hurdles in executing their duties. When you realize you’ve made a mistake to a police officer, then you need to write a letter and apologize.

In the letter briefly highlight the misbehavior and how you’ll prevent a recurrence of the error.

How to write an apology letter to a police officer

State your reason for writing the letter

Your letter must have an apparent reason for writing. The reader should know why you’re writing the letter from the start.

For example “I write this letter to…….”


After highlighting the subject of your letter, you must proceed and apologize sincerely. As you apologize, be specific on the mistake you’re apologizing for.

Accept responsibility for the error

Acknowledge that you were wrong. If you chose to lay blame on the police officer or any other individual, you might make things worse.

For example, you can say “I take full responsibility for my actions on……..”

Empathize with the victims

As you apologize, you should also recognize you have hurt other people. Address this in your letter. Let the police officer know you are genuinely sorry for the incident.

Highlight measures you’ll take to avoid reoccurrence of the mistake

Apologizing isn’t enough; you need to go a step further and state how you plan to prevent a repeat of the error in days to come. The measures should be specific and realistic. Do not over promise.


Besides apologizing, you must be ready to face the consequences of your action. In the letter state you were wrong and willingness to suffer the consequences of your actions.

Apology letter to a police officer (format)

Dear (Recipient)

Please accept this letter as a sincere apology for (state your mistake). After reflecting on my behavior on (date), I realized that I was wrong. I understand you were doing your work and it was wrong for me to obstruct you from performing your duties.

Know that this incident will not recur. I am a law-abiding citizens and I respect law enforcers.

Let me know how we can resolve this matter outside court.

If I can help in any way, let me know.

Once more I am sorry for the incident.


[Your name]

Apology letter to a police officer for assault

Dear constable Ericson,

This letter is an apology for unfair treatment and violence on you on [date]. I regret my actions. I still can believe I am the person that injured you during the fight.

I overreacted and resulted in violence; my actions were unwarranted. No excuse can justify such behavior.

Following the incident, I realized that I have an issue with my temper that I must address. I have already talked to a counselor and booked some session for anger management.

Sorry for hurting and embarrassing you in public. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Abram

Apology letter to a police officer for resisting arrest

Dear constable Jefferson,

Kindly accept this letter as a humble apology for resisting arrest on March 3, 2022. I regret the act. It wasn’t my intention to do so, but I feared to sleep in the cells over the weekend.

I am sorry for hindering you from doing your work. Though I was afraid, I should not have reacted in that manner.

Know that I will never repeat this act. Please forgive me for my barbaric acts. If you need more information on the incident, you can reach me via email (mikekoffers@unitid.com or +1 888 234 6907

Yours Sincerely,

Mike Coffers