Apology Letter to Girlfriend: Sample & Tips

An apology letter to a girlfriend is a letter written when you have done something that has offended or upset a significant other. This is a good way to apologize that makes sure that your thoughts are arranged in a matter that makes sense and expresses how you feel without the conversation becoming heated.

These letters can be difficult to write because of the emotions that are behind them. It can be difficult to lay out the letter to make sure that you are capturing your emotions accurately. Reading sample apology letters can help you, either as a guide or simply to understand how to word things so that they are simpler, clearer and easier to understand.

What To Include in an Apology Letter to Girlfriend

You can divide an apology letter into several sections to make it easier to write. The first section should always be an apology with the second section being whatever you would like. This letter can be as long or as short as you would like, depending on how you want to express your feelings. Just make sure that it covers all of the details that you need to get across.

Sometimes, a few sentences are appropriate, while, at others, you may need several pages. Here are the main points that you should include in an apology letter to your girlfriend:

  • Make sure at least one paragraph is written that relates to the events which led to you writing the letter.
  • You should have one paragraph that includes your feelings as to why you felt drafting the letter was appropriate. Convey that you are hurt by the fact that you have hurt her feelings.
  • A few sentences should be used to explain how you plan to make it up to her. How will you change? what actions do you intend to take? Include how much you look forward to a future with her.
  • Complete your apology by telling her that you love her. Make it sincere and sign your name to the letter. This will show the amount of thought that you put into your letter.
  • Below your letter, you may include a poem. If you are confident in your writing ability, feel free to write this yourself. If you would rather, find a classic love poem and include or, perhaps her favorite poem. While it is recommended to write the poem yourself, including her favorite poem shows that you listen to her.

It is important to remember through everything that this letter is meant to let her know that you are truly sorry. The letter should show her that you are truly sorry and that you value the relationship that you have with her. It should show your full intention of being with her for a long time.

Things Avoid When Apologizing

  • Playing the blame game: Do not try to point out her mistakes in your apology. It seems insincere and will only serve to make matters worse.
  • Superficial apology: This may put a bandaid over the problem, but, if you are not truly sorry, the problem will never be solved.
  • Being disrespectful: You should have mutual respect in any relationship. You should only convey your genuine feelings.
  • Lengthy letters: While there is no set length for an apology, you should make sure that it is not too lengthy and only speak on the incident that you apologize for.
  • Impatience: Make sure that you have patience in writing this letter. Even though you are apologizing, your girlfriend is under no obligation to respond immediately or to forgive you and forget. These things may take time.

Additional Tips:

  • Understand why she is upset. Make sure that you have taken time to try and see the situation from her perspective and know why you need to ask for forgiveness. Acknowledge her feelings and let her know that she has the right to be upset.
  • Make sure that you are actually apologizing. Say the words “I’m sorry” in your letter. It’s not an actual apology without these words and can be misconstrued.
  • Have answers to her questions. If you have done something severe, such as cheating, she may have questions that you should be prepared to answer. Answer these seriously.
  • Ask for forgiveness. You can’t receive forgiveness that you are not willing to ask for. Keep in mind that her forgiveness may take time and you should not expect her to immediately forget about what occurred.

Sample Apology Letter to Girlfriend

Claire: I want to start off by saying that I’m sorry for the pain that I have caused you. Words can’t describe how sad I am right now knowing that you are upset with me. The worst part is knowing it is my own fault because I didn’t listen to you and give you the space that you needed.

I understand that I said and did some stupid things while you needed space. I want to work toward being a better person and I believe that I am the best me I can be when we are together. You are truly the most amazing person I have ever met and I regret having ruined my chances with you.

All I can ask is that you forgive me for my actions and for my impulsive words. I have reflected on the pain that I have caused you and wish to show you that I will never cause this pain again.

I hope that you give me the chance to prove this to you. I have enclosed a few lines from your favorite poem that expresses to me how much you mean to me.

Yours, sincerely,


From “She Walks In Beauty”:

And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent,A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!

-Lord Byron

Types of Apology Letter to Girlfriend

There are several reasons you could be writing an apology letter to your girlfriend. Some of the most common types of apology letters are:
  • Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Lying: This would be written after lying to your girlfriend about something. This could be a small, white lie or it could be a larger lie.
  • Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Cheating: These letters need to be written with care as it is possible that your girlfriend will need time to forgive you. These should be written after you have cheated and need to seek forgiveness.
  • Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Ignoring Her: Whether you need your space or you were busy, sometimes ignoring your girlfriend has adverse consequences. Writing a letter can help explain the situation more clearly.
  • Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Being Harsh: Sometimes, we all have moments where we snap for one reason or another. If you have become angry and it has, in turn, angered your partner, explaining the situation in this type of letter is beneficial to begin mending the relationship.

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