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Apology Letter for Vehicle Damage – Sample Letters

Accidents do happen anytime, and it can happen to anyone, therefore we should always be ready to accept our mistakes and also console those who are affected.

Here are some sample letters you can use to accept your mistake and apologize at the same time.

Apology letter for Car Crash or Accident

Dear Maris,

With my sincere apology and humility, I’ve written this letter to show my compassion concerning the accident that involves my car which took place on February 16th. I must admit that it was all my fault, though it wasn’t my intention. Actually, lately have been having issues with my break liver which I thought permanently solved the problem once and for all, unfortunately, I was wrong.

The insurance company has agreed to cover all the damage, but I have decided to do something much better so that I can make it up for you. I have put myself in your position and understand what you went through due to that tragedy, therefore I offered you a free standup comedy tickets to you and your family for this weekend.

Once again, receive my sincere apology,



Apology Letter for Hitting Car

Dear Owner of Mercedes Benz,

I would like to apologize for accidentally hitting your car this afternoon. I just drove my son back to school before and later I had to rash to work for an agent board meeting. I attempt a quick reverse while I didn’t even remember to adjust my side mirror.

However, you don’t need to worry about the expense of damage because I’ve already ordered for the spare of the crashed headlight. Even though was in hurry but that does not justify the mistake I made. That’s why I have decided to be responsible for the entire expenses so that next I’ll try to be careful no matter the situation.

Once Again, I’m so sorry.



Apology Letter for Vehicle Damage

Dear Mr. /Mrs. Maia,

I know you have noticed a crash on the left side of your car. I must admit that I am responsible for that damage and really sorry. I was trying to have my way towards the parking lot and just by mistake, I pumped into your car which results from a minor damage on left side of the back door.

You can ask my contacts from the security guard, just contact anytime during the daytime between 10 am to 4:30 pm. I’m willing to cover the expense of the damage, just take the car to the garage and inform about the cost of repair.

Once again, forgive me for any inconvenience happened due to the damage.