Apology Letter to Boss for Taking Leave Without Permission

Apology Letter to Boss for Taking Leave Without Permission

Due to the various challenges we face in our lives, there are times we might find ourselves away from work even when we are expected to be at work. For instance, you might have had an accident on that makes it necessary to follow up with the authorities. In such scenarios, it is recommended that you write to the in charge and this is where a sample apology letter to boss for taking leave without permission could be of assistance.

With a sample apology letter, it will be easier to set things straight with the boss as the template helps ensure all the details are filled.

Apology Letter to Boss for Taking Leave Without Permission

Dear [BOSS],

I wish to offer my apologies for not being able to report to work on [00/00/0000] as expected of me. I understand my unannounced absence from work brought a bought inconveniences to you and the entire team.

My absence was due to [YOUR REASON]. Attached is the documentation on the matter and I regret my actions. I will not give excuses for having failed to communicate at the right time about my absence I understand this is wrong of me. In future, I will ensure that I communicate in advance.

Thank you for your support and understanding.



Apology letter for taking extra leave

An apology letter for taking extra leave is a letter one writes to their employer communicating the circumstances that led to the incident. Under normal circumstances, employees should not take extra leave without authorization from the employer.

But because of unavoidable circumstances and emergencies, one might have to extend their leave to attend to emergencies. In such cases, the employee needs to write an apology letter to their boss.

Sample apology letter for taking extra leave

April 23, 2019

The Managing Director

Rock solid Technologies

912 S Capital of Texas Hwy,

West Lake Hills, TX 78746

Sub: Apology for taking extra leave

Most respected sir,

Please accept this as an apology for taking extra leave on March 26th to 28th, 2019. I couldn’t report to work due to an accident that left me hospitalized on the night before March 26th.

Following the accident, I was unconscious for a day, so I could not communicate with you.

I’m now in stable condition, and I’ve reported to work.

Find the doctor’s note and a copy of the discharge sheet attached to this letter.

I’m thanking you for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely,

Rick Tom

Transport department

Apology letter for leaving a job without notice

Employers require employees to issue a notice as per the employment rules any time an employee leaves work. The notice period varies from one company to another, but it ranges from 30 to 90 days.

Certain circumstance might however not allow one to issue a notice to their employer. Under these circumstances, the employee needs to write an apology letter to the employer for leaving a job without notice.

The letter will shade more light on the circumstances of the decision besides apologizing.

Sample apology letter for leaving a job without notice

Phillip Etah

2338 Goldleaf lane

Medford, OR 90212

March 30, 2019

The Human Resource Manager

Oregon Patrol Service

4120 SE International Way

Milwaukie, OR 97222

Re: Apology for leaving a job without notice

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to inform you I’m resigning immediately as the chief supervisor at Oregon Patrol Services due to unavoidable circumstances.

Please accept my apology for failing to give notice. I lost my father yesterday, and I’ll have to leave the country permanently to attend the burial in Australia and take over the management of family businesses at home.

Thank you for the chance to serve in this company and the opportunity to work with admirable colleagues.

Let me know if you might need more information you might need to facilitate my exit.

Thank you.


Phillip Etah

Apology letter to get a job back

An employee can lose their job for various circumstances such as demotion, being laid off, resigning. After leaving the job, the employee might consider returning to the company in the same position or a different role.

The process will require the former employee to write a letter to their former employer requesting the job back. If the employee lost the job due to a mistake they had committed, they must first apologize to their employer before asking the jab back.

In the letter, you must use a few words to explain to your employer why they must accept you back as their employee.

Sample apology letter to get a job back

Davis Taylor

4143 B Street, Suite 202

Anchorage AK 99403

May 11, 2019


The lake Frontage Hotel

4800 Spenard road

Anchorage AK, 99517

Dear Sir,

Please accept my apologies for my rude behavior to one of our customers that led to my sacking at the lakefront Hotel. I have reflected on my actions and realized that I must learn how to control my temper.

I believe my actions were unwarranted and reflected a bad picture of the hotel and me. Already, I have started counseling sessions on how to manage my anger.

Considering I was the best waiters in two consecutive years, I believe I still have a lot to offer to the hotel.

Please reconsider the decision to terminate my services. I promise the incident will never recur.

I look forward to being rehired. You can reach me via 1-800-321-7322 or [email protected]

Thanks you.

Best regards,

Davis Taylor

Apology Letter for Absence from Work

An apology letter for absence from work is a letter you take to your boss for not showing up at work to explain the reason for this. Without this letter, an employer is liable to any action that might be preferred against them by the boss. It is also a great way to show respect to the boss and appreciation for your job.
Apology Letter for Being Absent at Work Due to Sickness


Apology Letter to Boss for Not Showing Up

Apology letter to boss for not showing up is a letter aimed at making it clear why you failed to report to work on a day you were expected at work. It is important for documenting and explaining why you were not at work. It also helps a lot in making things clear on your absence.
Apology Letter to Boss for Not Showing up


How to apologize for taking leave without permission

Taking leave when you’re supposed to be at work can have severe repercussions on your job. Your employer expects a valid reason that led to the decision. As you apologize, it’s essential to follow these steps.

Acknowledge your mistake

Start by acknowledging that you made a mistake. There’s no point apologizing to your employer if you’re still in doubt if you made a mistake. A sincere apology goes a long way to solving differences that occur when employees take leave without permission. An honest apology must come from the heart.

Empathize with your boss

Employers don’t expect employees to be absent without permission. Your employee counts on you for the success of the company. If you deiced to take leave without permission no matter the circumstances, you’re hurting the company.

Consider yourself as the boss. How would you feel if employees keep on taking leave without permission? Let your boss know that you understand that you’ve hurt their feelings.

Ensure your actions do not translate to undermining your bosses’ authority.

Take responsibility for your actions

Besides apologizing, you need to take full responsibility for your actions. After reporting back to work, you can offer to work for more hours to compensate for the lost hours. Such an act will show your employer you’re apologetic for the incident.

Offer valid reasons for your absence

Though your employer expects an explanation of why you missed work without permission, you must give a valid reason. Avoid making matters worse by lying to your employer.

Promise never to repeat the mistake

As you apologize, you need to create an assurance that the mistake will not recur. It’s a way of showing your commitment to adhering to company rules and regulations.

Give your best

After your employer accepts your apology, commit to offering your best to the company.

Apologizing isn’t something people consider desirable but owning your mistake and taking responsibility for your actions is an excellent act.

It can go a long way in solidifying working relationships between you, your colleagues and the employer.