Saying Sorry: Apology Letter for Stealing

Apology letter for stealing is a letter written to express regret for taking that, which did not belong to you (stealing). Stealing is not only a sin, but it is an act that can lead to legal action being taken against the person who stole. It can also destroy a relationship completely and paint a bad image on a person. To avoid all these things and more happening to you, it is important to apologize as soon as possible to mend the wrong that has already been done.

It is not easy to write this kind of letter because the regret for stealing is so much to bear, confessing it in writing is even worse. One can get confused on how to start writing and the right words to say that will make the recipient accept the apology. Using a sample letter is the best way to make things easier, simpler and clearer. Here are some guidelines to help you do it in the best way.

How to Apologize for Stealing

Though nobody owes you forgiveness for stealing, it is only right to go ahead and ask for it by letting the person you stole from know that you truly regret. The best way is to not only to write to say sorry but to also return what you had taken from them. When writing, keep in mind that you may or may not receive the forgiveness. There are steps that you can take to increase the chances of getting the forgiveness. Here are the steps you can follow:

Be Sincere

Do not just do it to restore the good image on you. Do it from the bottom of your heart. It may be hard to show sincerity but keeping an eye contact when acknowledging the mistake will show the recipient that you are truly sorry and not shy. Be sincere by mentioning the exact thing that you did, for example, “I am sorry for stealing your bracelet from your safe box”.

Acknowledge Effects

You already know how the recipient feels about what you did. Put yourself in the recipients shoe and let them know that you understand how much they are hurt by what you did. You can say something like “ I know you are really hurt by what I did and it may be hard for you to trust me again”. Acknowledging the effects is one of the best ways to let the recipient pour out the anger they feel towards your action, and by he or she is pouring it out, you will know that your apology is taking a positive effect.

Make Amends

Stealing breaks trust and one of the hardest things to restore is trust when it is lost. However, you can start by giving back what you had stolen. If you do not have the specific item, you can give cash of the value of the item that you had stolen. Though restoring trust is hard, it is not impossible, you can start small and eventually you will get it back in full. Do this by expressing how bad you feel about what you did.

Earn Forgiveness

It is not easy to earn forgiveness after stealing, but you can if you are patient enough. After you have expressed your regret and returned that which you had stolen, you need to be patient on the recipient. Do not go nagging them asking why they still don’t trust you or have hard feeling towards you. Trusting again after such an action is not all that easy. Give the recipient time and wait for the time they will tell you that it’s all right.

Apology Letter Format for Bothering (Format)

Dear (Recipient),

I am very sorry for the unlawful act of taking (stolen item) from you. This cat has left me feeling so bad and ashamed of myself. I regret getting involved in such an action.

There is no excuse on why I got myself into it. It is embarrassing on my part and I know you are hurt by my action. This is a bad experience that has tarnished my image and I have learnt a lesson for it. I will never want to be involved in such an incident again.

I understand that stealing is unlawful and what happened on (state dates) at (state location) has taught me a lesson and that the consequences are not worth the gain.

I am very sorry about my actions and if there is anything further to discuss on, I am available on {give contact information}.


(Offending party)

Sample Apology Letter for Stealing

Senders Name

Address Line

State, Zip Code


Recipients name

Address Line

State, Zip Code

Subject: Apology for Stealing

Dear (recipients name)

I am writing to sincerely express my regret for stealing your necklace last week. I know you trusted me so much and gave me the combination key to your safe only for me to take advantage and take your treasured necklace.

I regret this action and I am very sorry about it. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed about this unlawful act that I got myself involved with. I know the legal action that can be taken against this act but I hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me.

I did not sell the necklace; I just wanted to wear it to my friend’s graduation party. I am sorry. I have the necklace and will return it to you. Please let me know how I can get it back to you. I accept whatever punishment you see fit for the theft I committed but I humbly ask for your consideration regarding this matter.

I promise that this incident will not happen again. I look forward to your positive response.


(Senders name)