Apology Letter for Skipping Class

An apology letter for cutting class is a letter a student writes to their teacher, lecturer, or school administration to apologize for failing to attend a class[s]. The main idea for writing the letter is to explain why you missed the lesson and how you plan to catch up with the lesson. The letter also shows your teacher you are sincere, and you regret your actions.

Apology letter format for cutting class

Dear [Teacher’s name],

Please accept my apology for missing the [subject] class on [date]. I can’t give a valid reason for cutting class, although I [give the reason]. This was a reckless decision, and I highly regret my action.

My action was disrespectful and childish. I must say I admire your zeal and passion for [subject], and you have sacrificed a lot to ensure we emerge as the best students in the country. I promise this mistake will never recur. Please forgive me.

Although I received [punishment/detention] for my actions, I chose to write this letter to show I am genuinely sorry for missing the class. From now henceforth, I will take my education seriously.

Thank you for your advice and support.


[Your name]

Sample apology letter for cutting class


Mr. Brown

Mathematics Teacher

Amazing Group of Schools



Subject: Apology for cutting class

Dear Mr. Brown,

I write this letter to express my regret for missing the Mathematics class on Monday, 12/10/2019. Although I had planned to be in school for the lesson, I was unable to attend the lesson due to unavoidable circumstances.

The previous night, I developed some breathing complications after dinner, and I was rushed to the hospital for medical a checkup. The doctor realized in had suffered and severe lung infection and he put me on some strong medication; thus, I was unable to attend school the following day.

I am sorry my parents didn’t inform you as required by the school rules. I’m aware I should not miss classes, especially at this time when exams are just at the corner. I humbly request for a makeup class in the shortest time possible. I will work extremely hard to make sure I pass my exams.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Matthew Carson

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