Apology Letter for Out of Stock Product / Item

In business, it’s crucial to maintain good customer relations. Your customers are the backbone of your business and the reason why your business exists. When a customer orders for an item/product, and it’s out of stock, it’s essential to write an apology letter and inform them the product is unavailable.

In your letter, you should inform the client when you expect the product to be available and when they should expect to receive the item. The letter should start with an acknowledgment of the customer’s order. You may also offer some alternative products if you perceive the product will be out of stock for long.

Out of stock apology letter format

Dear [customer’s name],

We acknowledge your order [#order number] received on [date]. Unfortunately, I regret to inform you the product you had order has been out of stock for the last week. We expect to receive the shipment of these products in the next [number of days].

If this period seems to be too long, you can try [alternative product]. Please let us know your decision, soonest.

Thank you for your patience and support.


[Your name]

Sample apology letter for out of stock product / item


Cathy Martins,

CathyB Food Supplies

11 Green Towers,

Brighton, 2211446

14 October 2019


Matthew Peterson,

44 Marvell Ave,

Brighton, 332010

Subject: Apology for Out of Stock Products

Dear Mr. McCarthy,

I write this letter to apologize for failing to deliver the 20 crates of Jameson beer you had ordered on 28 September 2019. Although you had paid for the goods at the time you were ordering, we regret the product was out of stock. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We have already ordered more products, and we expect to receive the shipment in the next week. We promise we’ll send the item immediately we receive them. Please bear with us in the meantime and let us know if you can take a similar product as you await the product you had ordered.

The company takes full responsibility for the mistake and we promise this will not recur.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and your unwavering patronage.

Please accept our sincere apologies.


Cathy Martins,

Supplies manager

CathyB Food Supplies

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