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Apology Letter for Not Coming to Work

There are various circumstances that may make you miss work; you may be sick and need to visit the doctor, a loved may also be unwell and need your attention. At some bad instances, you may have a long weekend that made you have hangovers and overslept to make it work. Whether the unavoidable situation, your boss will always need an explanation on to why you missed work. Bringing out a clear and valid reason may be a headache especially when you don’t have a good reason why you missed to attend to your duties. Here is a sample Apology Letter for Not Coming to Work to aid you in navigating through the situation you may be in.

Apology Letter for Not Coming to Work helps you to apologize to your employer, boss or supervisor in order to make him/her understand what made you miss to attend to your duties and how you plan to be more conscientious thereafter. This helps to improve the relationship between you and employer and shows that you are concerned for not attending to your job.

How to Apologize at Work

There are many reasons that could lead a person to apologize at work. The way in which you apologize for these reasons will be based on the mistake that you have done. However, there are some general tips that one has to use when apologizing.

Apologize as soon as you realize you are on the wrong

Do not take too long to say you are sorry after you have done a mistake. Waiting will only make things worse especially on the recipient. One may seem rude for delay in acknowledging the mistake. However, there are mistakes that are deep, in such cases; it is good to give the recipient time to calm down as you also figure out on the best way to say sorry. For the small mistakes, you can go ahead and apologize immediately.

Acknowledge your mistake

The best way to do this is to make sure that you avoid giving excuses. A straight forward and genuine apology makes it easy for the recipient to accept the apology. Too many excuses may give the image of you not owning up your mistake.

Explain on measures you will take to make sure the mistake does not happen again

Let the recipient know that you regret that the mistake happened, and you have taken the necessary measures to make sure that the mistake does not happen again. For example, if you arrived to work late due to traffic, you can say that you have resolved to be leaving the house a bit early in case you find yourself in traffic next time.

Keep your word of amending the mistake

The best way to make sure that you keep what you promise is to be genuine. Do not promise that you will be leaving the house early to avoid being late if you know it is not possible to leave the house early. This will make the apology meaningless. If you have no idea on what you can do to fix the mistake, ask the recipient to let you know if there is anything you can do to amend the mistake.

Choose the best method of apology

You can apologize in person or by letter/email. The method on which you choose is determined some things like the depth of the mistake, the emotions of the recipient and your emotions as well among other things. If the depth of mistake is deep, the best way is to send a letter or email. This will give the recipient time to think through your apology and give it a consideration. However, there are some minor mistakes that one can apologize in person, especially at work place. The method you choose will also be determined by the relationship you have with the person you are apologizing to.

Sample Apology Letter for Not Coming to Work

Dear Lawrence,

I express my sincere apologies for not attending my duties on 12th, July 2020. I am aware of the disruptions that I caused by not coming to the job and failing to notice you and coworkers in advance. It is unprofessional and impolite behavior. I am so sorry for any inconveniences and delays to the company and my colleagues.

I was sick and had to visit the doctor. Next time I will make sure I communicate and explain the unavoidable situation that may make me miss work via an email or call or text. I promise that I will not repeat it again.



Apology Letter for Unauthorized Leave

The manager

XYZ Hotels
1234 Sideways

Dear Sir,

I am expressing my sincere apologies for not showing up to work on 3/1/2017. I am aware of the inconveniences I cause in my department because I did not even give notice to my colleagues.

I was ready to come to work when the school called me to go see my son who was taken to hospital. I had to go see him and his condition was not so good. I got worked up and forgot to call.

I am so sorry for this. i promise that the next time such a thing happens I will call or write an email to notify the management. This will not happen again. I hope you forgive me.

Thank you for understanding.


Apology letter For Missing a Meeting

Mr. Heart
ABC Company987 South Street

Dear Mr. Heart,

I am really sorry for not showing up for the front office staff meeting yesterday (11/2/2018). I was already prepared for the meeting and was on my way when I received a call that my dad was involved in a bad road accident. I immediately rushed to the hospital to see him. His condition was bad that I got confused and forgot about the meeting.I am aware that missing the meeting without explanation was inappropriate and it inconvenienced the entire front office team. I am so sorry the situation got me shocked and I forgot everything else. I love my job and I had really prepared for the presentation when this unfortunate incident happened. Please accept my apology.

I have compiled my presentation and it is ready. If it is okay, I can schedule for another meeting in the course of next week and go ahead with this. Please let me know if this is in order.

Thanking you for your understanding. I look forward to attending to work in two days’ time.


Apology Letter for Absence from Work due to illness

Being sick is out of any employee control, going to work when sick is also counterproductive apart from being pointless. There is no essence of going to work because you will not work well. It is however very important to notify your boss by writing an apology letter for absence from work due to sickness that you will not make to attend your job early enough to enable him/her to make the necessary arrangements.

Apology Letter for Absence from Work due to illness

Apology letter to boss for taking leave without permission

We all need leaves that are convenient and go well with us. However, sometimes this may not happen as your employer may not allow you to take leave at your convenient period. When this happens, and you decide to go on leave, you will need to apology for inconveniences caused for going on leave when you were not supposed to.

Apology letter to boss for taking leave without permission

Explanation Letter for Absence Without Official Leave

An explanation letter for absence without official leave is written by the employee who had gone on leave without prior permission from an employer. It explains to the employer why you decided to go on leave without permission.
Apology Letter to Boss for Not Showing up

Apology to Boss for Uninformed Leave

When your employer allows you to choose when you are willing to go on leave you may sometimes forget to relay the communication and go ahead to leave. This may not only cause disarrangement of duties but also may inconvenient other co-workers. Saying sorry for not communicating early enough to make necessary arrangement is the easiest way to show professionalism and improve relations.

Apology to Boss for Uninformed Leave

Apology Letter for Absence in School

A missing school without a proper reason can lead to disciplinary action or makes you miss important concepts or even an exam, cat or assignment that is so important to graduation or coursework. If you fail to attend school and fail to communicate in good time it is important to apologize for being absent from school. This will enable your teacher or supervisor to make arrangement to cover up what you missed.

Apology Letter for Absence in School