Apology Letter For Missing Appointment – Sample Letter

Apology Letter For Missing Appointment – Sample Letter

Missing an appointment creates a negative image of unseriousness about you. If you have missed an appointment and you are thinking of how to write a letter stating your regrets for not turning up – bearing in mind that there are many cogent reasons like health related, accidents or unforeseen emergencies – here is a sample apology letter for missing appointment that you can adapt to suit your specific need.

Before you start writing an apology letter for missing an appointment, it is important you understand certain basic rules. Firstly, you should always strive to take responsibility for your mistake. Secondly, your apology letter should be concise and give cogent reasons for the disappointment in honoring the appointment. Thirdly, send it as soon as possible. Here is a sample that you can use.

Apology Letter Format for Missing Appointment

Sample letter,(Name-sender)

(Address line)

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(Zip code)

Subjects: a summary of the intention in bold, underlined

Dear (recipient’s name)

I am sorry for not making it tour our appointment on July 4, 2019. My daughter was sick, and so I have to take her for the medication (modify it for your reason).

Allow me to suggest that we reschedule the appointment to (date and time) so that we can discuss the agenda. I hope this works for you; otherwise, let me know your preferred date.

I hope everything works best for us.





Sample Apology Letter for Missing Appointment

[Your Full Name][Portfolio/position]


[Recipient Full Name]




Reason for Missing our Appointment

Dear Mr/Mrs [Full name],

Please accept my sincere and solemn apology for missing our appointment yesterday. I had looked forward to our meeting and ventilate ideas with you. This is quite important to me. I know you are a very busy person and I realise it was a sacrifice on your part to reschedule your engagements in other to make out time to see me. I am sorry for all the inconvenience I must have caused you.

It was not my intention to miss out on our appointment but as I was on my way to meet with you, I got an emergency call concerning my wife’s health. I had to dash to the hospital. Due to anxiety concerning my wife, I totally forgot to call you to cancel the appointment. I am profoundly sorry for this oversight.

I reiterate my commitment to our professional relationship and I would love to move forward with our plan. I implore that you reschedule our appointment as I still look forward to meeting with you. I hope this incident has not changed your perception about our professional relationship in any way. Please do understand that the circumstances were beyond my control and I hope you accommodate my apologies.

Again, I am truly sorry for the inconvenience and do look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

[Your full name]


Sample opening lines for an apology letter

  • I am very sorry for not keeping our appointment yesterday.
  • It was terrible of me to forget about our appointment. Am pretty sorry
  • How could I not keep our appointment with the several reminders you sent me! I am sorry.
  • I cannot explain how I forgot about our appointment. But I am sorry.
  • I beg that you understand that I was not able to meet you up yesterday for reasons I could not avoid.
  • We owe you apologies for not meeting you yesterday. We are sorry.
  • I got some urgent appointment, and so I could not meet up with you yesterday
  • I am sorry for wasting your day.
  • I could not keep our schedule. I got abrupt guests
  • I had the busiest day ever, and I could not remember our appointment
  • I have been waiting to see you, but I can’t tell what erupted that I didn’t come
  • I did not come due to the massive traffic caused by the rain yesterday

Sample lines to reschedule your appointment

  • Kindly let’s meet tomorrow at the same place and time. I will be there
  • Would you mind making another schedule for our appointment? Of course on your convenience
  • Can we reschedule our appointment for another convenient day?
  • How about if we met on Sunday?
  • Can we meet at another time during the weekends?
  • Kindly let me know which date can work best for you for our appointment.
  • I promise to appear this time around. When should this be?
  • I can’t miss out meeting again. Let’s meet tomorrow in the evening.