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Apology letter for missing an interview – Sample Letters

Modern world revolves around being punctual. No one would care for your professionalism, even if you are the best at what you do if you are not on time. First impressions are built as much on the appearance and behavior of the applicant as on their overall punctuality and keeping of their word. In the eyes of an interviewer (any interviewer, for that matter), the fact that you miss your appointment means that you do not care about the task at hand and hence – about them.

How to avoid being rejected just because the Universe decided to hinder you? We all know there are situations when you just HAVE to miss your interview for one reason or another, here is a quick guide that will take you through some of the most common situations that require apologizing for missing an interview.

Apology letter for missing a job interview:

Sometimes, even if you want to be present and do your best to take the job, you just cannot make it. Here is an example of what you can write back so that your interviewers consider you a responsible person hindered by circumstances and not for a lazy couch potato who just forgot to set the alarm.

Dear Sir/Madam/ [Full Name and title of the interviewer, if you know it],

I am awfully sorry to have missed our scheduled interview for [00/00/0000] at [00;00]. I was devastated when I realized I could not make it on time and would not be able to meet you within the agreed time.

To me, being part of the team of [Name of the Company you applied for] as a [the Position you applied for] would have been a wonderful opportunity for me to advance in my career and develop my skills in a competitive yet friendly environment. I understand that nothing can excuse my absence but just wanted to let you know that I my absence was not due to lack professionalism or punctuality but to circumstances beyond my control. Just as I was driving to [location where your interview was to be held] I had a [state the reason]

Please accept my humble apologies for your lost time.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name and Surname]

Apology letter for missing an interview because you were ill:

We are human beings, so it may happen that you simply are too weak to get out of bed to be present somewhere. Here is a sample letter of what you can write:

Dear Sir/Madam/ [Full Name and title of the interviewer, if you know it],

I am aware that we had an interview scheduled for [00/00/0000] at [00;00] and I am writing to express my deepest apologies for not being able to attend. I am awfully sorry for the time you lost while waiting for me, but I was down with [the illness you contracted].

Here you have two options a) to have something mild, like a flu; or b) to have had a severe accident broken a leg etc.

If the illness was mild you can say the following:

The doctors told me that I should rest for [oo] days and thus I preferred not to trouble you with my condition and risk spreading the disease.

If the condition was severe, you have other options:

Due to [the condition you had], I was unable to attend the interview since I was [state where you were and what you did – in hospital, on heavy medication etc.].

I regret having wasted your time. However, as it the reason for my absence was beyond my control, I hope that you would show some understanding and would allow me to attend at some other time,

Respectfully yours,

[Your Name and Surname]

Apology letter for missing an interview due to family emergency:

Life is unpredictable so it happens that a family crisis can occur at any time and stop us in our tracks. At that time family always comes first. Here is a polite way to state that and still look professional:

Dear Sir/Madam/ [Full Name and title of the interviewer, if you know it],

I write this to apologize for having missed our scheduled appointment for [00:00] on the [00/00/0000] at [location where the interview was held]. We all aim to be punctual and professional but sometimes life proves greater than us.

To me, being good at your job is essential and perfectionism is a way of life. That is why I was determined to attend. However, just before I had to go to [location of the interview], I found out that my [relative, preferably a close one] has had [an emergency].

I value my work and my achievements very much and when I set a goal, I usually reach it. However, when it comes to the one that I hold dear, there is no other option but rushing out to help because no bonds are stronger than those of blood and nothing matters more than the safety and well-being of the ones we love.

I trust that you would understand my motives for not being present at the given appointment and would consider rescheduling.

Yours faithfully,

[Your name and surname]

Apology letter for missing an interview call/email:

This one is a bit tricky. In today’s digital world very, few things can serve as a possible excuse for missing a call or an email. Virtually everyone has a smart phone so not being around the phone or not charging it is definitely not an option. There are still a few ways to save the day.

Dear Sir/Madam/ [Full Name and title of the interviewer, if you know it],

I am awfully sorry for the late reply, but I was unable to connect with you earlier due to connection problems. I sincerely apologize for missing our scheduled phone call at [00:00] on the on the [00/00/0000] and for your wasted time.

I know that nothing can excuse my lack of professionalism but my inability to attend was none of my fault. On the [00/00/0000] My phone broke down and I had to take it for repairs and was held there for [00] days during which I was unable to answer to any calls to that number. [in case it was a phone call you missed]


My Internet service was unavailable due to cable failure that affected [area where there was no Internet connection]. Despite my repeated attempts to contact the Internet provider, I could not speed up the process as the repairs were scheduled for the [00/00/0000], My attempt to obtain mobile data transfer service also proved futile since the service was to be available for me the day after you sent this email.

I apologize again for having wasted your precious time and hope that you would not allow for a hardware problem ruin our interview opportunity. For this reason, I humbly ask you to consider giving me a second chance.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[Your name and surname]

Notes on the sample apology letters for missing an interview:

Whatever you do, you MUST be polite, if you know the name of the person who is going to interview you, use it and make sure you double check the spelling of their name – no one likes having their name written wrong and that will surely earn you a black point.

Make sure to mention the date and time the appointment was set, that usually creates a good impression – that you didn’t forget about it, just you couldn’t go. Don’t overdo the apologizing because they may take you for a wimp.

Also, do not go into details about what exactly happened to you – for example, no interviewer (unless they have an amazing sense of humor) wouldn’t like reading pages and pages about the neighbors next door and their noisy parties or the person who crashed into your car. Just be brief – if the the reason is not that respectable (you overslept because of a party etc.), just don’t mention it. If it is respectable – state it clearly without explaining what the doctor’s exact words were.

When it comes to family emergency, clearly state that you are both professional and a human being who cares about the ones close to you so that, even though you are professional, you had no options but just rush to your relative’s side.

Asking for a reschedule of the interview is a two-edged sword – you can either get credit for being persistent or to lose any chance because you intend to lose the interviewer’s time once more. However, if you were ill at the time the interview must have been held, you have the full right to ask for a reschedule (after all, it’s not your fault that you

got ill). Don’t dramatize on your condition, just point it as an acceptable reason for not attending.

Why you should send Apology Letter for Missing an Interview?

Having said all this, you probably wonder ‘Why should I go to such great lengths to write an apology letter for a missing interview?’. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You will look responsible and professional. Real professionals do not hide and face the challenges, Even if you were wrong, overslept etc., you still need to come up with some kind of passable excuse. That way you will show the people who held the interview that even though you had bad luck that day, you may still deserve a chance because of your other assets. All people love professionals because they do their job well but even more love people who are ready to admit they did something wrong and apologize for it. Such people are less likely to be self-centered and are less prone to taking bad decisions.
  • You show perseverance. You never know what kind of people are interviewing you so you have no idea what they are looking for. The very fact that you try to reach out may make them reschedule. Just because you didn’t give up.
  • You show that you value the interviewer’s time. Time is money, or so the cliché goes. You would like to be treated with respect and so would most other people. Even though you may never see these people again, you should show them that you care.