Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting

Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting

An apology letter for missing a meeting is written to express regret for missing a meeting. It is here that one acknowledges that they are wrong and made a mistake in missing the meeting. In most cases the reason for missing the meeting is never intentional but due to unavoidable circumstances. However, acknowledging it as a mistake will make the receiving party accept the apology and continue with the good relationship that was there before.

Failing to give genuine reason or explanation may cause your letter not to be accepted. This is one of the challenges that one may experience when writing this letter. To make things simple and easy for you, a sample apology letter for missing a meeting will be helpful.

Elements of Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting

States the purpose

Go straight to the point on why you are writing.

“I am sorry that I missed the head of department meeting that was scheduled for Friday”

Indicates the reason for being late

Give the reason why you were unable to attend the meeting. This reason must be genuine and one that is obviously, unavoidable.

“I got an emergency call from home and had to rush to know what was happening there”

Explains failure for not taking immediate action

When the reason for not attending the meeting came as urgent, one has to then explain why they could not have called to inform about it.

“I was overcome by the emergency and forgot to call and inform you on what had happened”

States the next move about the meeting that happened

There is a step that you took after failing to attend the meeting. State the measures you will take or have already taken to fill up for missing the meeting.

“I have already been updated on the agenda and I will be up to the task”

Future meeting

Express you interest in participating in future meetings in case there will be one.

“I look forward for future meetings”

Apology Letter Format for Missing a Meeting

(Your Name)

(Street Address)


(State, Zip Code)

(Phone Number)




(Street Address)

(City) (State, Zip Code)

Subject Line: (Optional)

Dear (Mr. /Mrs. + Name)

Please accept my apology for missing the meeting on Wednesday. I am very sorry about my absence.

I was set to attend the meeting when I suddenly got a call informing me that I am requested to get to the hospital immediately because my husband had been involved in an accident. This came to me as a shock and my mind was not thinking straight.

I went straight to the hospital and started attending to the issue at hand and by this time I was not thinking about anything else. This is the reason why I was not able to call and inform you that I will miss the meeting. I am very sorry for this.

I have however been able to get all the updates from the secretary and I am up to date with the agendas that were discussed. I am up to the task that was assigned to me and will work on it and deliver ASAP.

Once again I am very sorry for missing this important meeting. I look forward to actively participate in the next meeting and all the future meetings.

Kind regards

(Your Name)

Enclosed: (optional)

Sample Apology Letter/Email

Gabriel GibbsFront Office Manager, Gates Hotel

326 South Gate Road

Dallas, 8920

Moon Asher

Lead Refineries

596 North Ways Road


June 12 2019

Re: Apology for Missed Business Appointment

Dear Mr. Moon Asher

I hereby express my sincere apology for missing the very important procurement meeting that was scheduled for June 10 2019. I am well aware that you waited for me and was all set for the discussion about the issue that was at hand.

The reason why I missed the meeting was unavoidable. I was all set for this meeting but on my way out I received a call from school that my son had been taken to the hospital. I rushed to the hospital with my mind all occupied with the condition of my son.

I was not able to call at that moment to cancel the meeting because I was in shock and so much worried on what was going on. I am very sorry for missing this important meeting.

Please accept my sincere apology. I look forward to setting another date where we can meet and discuss the same issue that is now pending. Because of the inconvenience I may have caused you, I wish to set a date that is convenient with your schedule.

I look forward for a suggestion of the next meeting date from you.

Kind regards,

Gabriel Gibbs.

Tips for writing an apology letter for being late or missing a meeting

  • Focus on what your reader wants to know: You were supposed to have a meeting. Your reader is eager to know what happened. Begin with a straight forward apology that owns up the mistake of being late or missing the meeting.
  • Do not blame another person: In case there was an inconvenience from your boss or a miscommunication, do not mention the person or blame them as the reason why you missed or got to the meeting late. Be kind and state that there was unavoidable delay in the office.
  • Do not involve emotions: This should be a letter that maintains a tone full of respect. This should apply even when you are writing to the person you dislike. Remember you are apologizing and expecting your apology to be accepted for future chance of meeting.
  • Acknowledge you are wrong: This should be done despite the fact that you may be feeling that you are not wrong. This is the only sure way to clear things between you and the recipient. Refusing to apologize may lead to an end to the relationship between you and the recipient.

More Apology Letters

Apology letter for missing an event

This is a letter written to express regret for missing an event. This letter should include your address and the address of the recipient, the date on which you are writing the letter, a straightforward reason on why you were not able to attend the meeting, and interest to attending future meeting.

Apology letter for not attending meeting due to illness

This is written to express regret for missing a meeting due to illness. This can be written prior to the meeting date because it is not an abrupt reason. You can call during the meeting to inform them that you are ill. It is a straight forward letter that does not include a lot of explanation.

Apology letter for not attending a seminar

This letter is written to express regret for not attending a seminar. It should include the genuine reason on why one failed to attend, indicate that you have taken the necessary steps on catching up with what was discussed in the meeting, state that you are looking forward to be invited for future meeting.