Apology Letter for Misconduct (Format & Samples)

An apology letter for misconduct is a letter that one writes to express remorse for misbehavior besides seeking an apology. When writing the letter, you must use the right tone and words to avoid making matters worse. In the letter, briefly explain the incident before seeking an apology.

Finding the right words to say sorry can be difficult, if you have doubts about the words and format to consider using templates or samples.

How to apologize

Though every apology varies depending on the incident and the person you’re apologizing to, common tips that apply to any apology include;

Apologize immediately

If possible, apologize as soon as you can. Minor mistakes require you to apologize directly to make sure that the matter is resolved without delay. For major misconduct, you might need to wait for a few days to let the other party calm down.

Acknowledge your misbehavior

A sincere apology must start with by taking responsibility for your mistakes. You must admit you made a mistake before apologizing. Acknowledging a wrong isn’t a sign of weakness but that you’re willing to move forward.

Avoid laying blame on others

Avoid “mass apology” or laying blame others on your mistake. Your apology should be personalized. Only talk about your role in the incident.

Offer suggestions of how to resolve the issue

After apologizing, you need to highlight ways in which you’ll avoid a recurrence of the mistakes in the future. The words “The mistake will never recur” are meaningless if you’ve not put any measures to prevent a recurrence.

Execute the solutions

After promising to take action to avoid a repetition of the mistake, follow through and ensure you’ve implemented the measures, you had highlighted.

Apology email / letter or apologize in person

Depending on the gravity of the misconduct, you’ll need to decide how you’ll apologize. For example, some situations will require you to meet the individual to apologize in person; others will require you to write an email or a letter. The respondent might be too angry to talk to you.

Elements of a perfect apology

Though saying sorry is one of the difficult words for many, using these steps can make it easy to apologize whether you’re apologizing for a personal mistake or a group.
  • Say sorry. You must express regret for your mistake
  • Acknowledge the error. As you apologize, it’s essential to show the victim you’re responsible for your actions.
  • Briefly describe the incident. The victim wants to know if you understand what you did and how you hurt their feelings. Remember to briefly highlight the incident to be on the same page with the wronged person.
  • Suggest solutions. Besides apologizing, suggest ways that you can use to resolve the matter. The solutions should be measures of how to avoid a recurrence of the error.
  • Admit your fault. It takes guts to win a mistake. But remember its only fools and the proud who can’t admit their mistakes.
  • Ask for forgiveness. As you apologize, never forget to ask for forgiveness.

Apology letter format for misconduct

Dear (Mr. / Mrs.),

Please allow me to convey my sincerest apologies for my misconduct on (date). My response was uncalled for and barbaric. No excuse can justify my actions though I had (explain what led you to act in that way).

In the meantime (highlight measures you’re taking to avoid a recurrence). Since I am making efforts to make sure the same will never recur, I kindly ask you to forgive me.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


[Your name]

Apology for misconduct at work

April 23, 2019

The Logistics manager

Ohio Logistics and Transportation

6000 Fostoria Ave

Findlay, OH 45840

Sub: Apology for misconduct

Respected sir,

I Felly Alexus do hereby write this letter as a sign of deep regrets for my fault during the National Logistics Week Exhibition on March 30, 2019. I left our stand unattended for 2 hours without your authority.

I didn’t mean to disrespect you. I received an urgent call from my spouse, and I had to leave immediately. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t inform anyone before my departure.

I acknowledge that my conduct was unprofessional, and I commit never to repeat the misconduct in the future.

Please accept my apologies.

Yours sincerely,

Felly Alexus

Apology letter to boss for misconduct

May 14, 2019

The managing director

Dallas Texas tour Attractions

7763 Preston Ave,

Dallas, TX 75253

Sub: Apology for misbehavior


On the eve of the new month, a mistake occurred as I was tasked to pick tourists from Dallas airport at midnight. My manager had communicated to me in advance, but the vehicle I was assigned to broke down a few minutes after the start of the journey. I repaired the car and fortunately the problem was resolved.

The delay left our visitors stranded in the airport for over an hour. I acknowledge I made a mistake by not informing my manager of the happenings on that night.

I promise the issue will not recur I days to come. Kindly accept my apologies and reinstate me to my former position.

Thank you.


Tom White


Apology letter for gross misconduct

Peter Brown

532 Mark ways

Columbus, OH 34546

May 4, 2019

Mary Osier

General Manager

Nature cures Inc.

650 Ranger Ave

Columbus, OH 32455

Sub: Apology for gross misconduct

Dear Madam,

I write this letter to pass my sincere apologies for creating a rift in the management team following my sentiments about budgetary allocations for the various departments in our company. Though I was frustrated with the proposed cuts, I should not have reacted in such a way.

I am ready to apologize to all the managers for my unkind words; if possible, schedule another meeting to resolve the matter. It’s my belief we need to work in agreement as managers.

Once more I’m sorry for my misconduct. This act will never recur.

Thank you as you work to solidify unity in the management team.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Brown

Stores manager

Apology letter for misconduct in school

May 13, 2019

The principal

Fusion Academy Dallas

8128 Park Ln Suite 125

Dallas, TX 75231

Sub: Apology for going against school rules

Dear Sir,

With respect, I express my apologies for my misbehavior during the school games last week on Friday. It wasn’t my intention to hit my opponent Thomas, but I was pressed to win the game.

I acknowledge that my actions are uncalled and primitive. After the incident, I apologized to Thomas. I have learned from my mistake and, you’ll never see this misbehavior from me.

Thank you for your resolve to settle this matter peacefully.

Yours Obediently,

Amos Turner

Apology letter for academic misconduct

Feb 12, 2019

St Marks School of Texas

10600 Preston Rd,

Dallas, TX 76320

Sub: Apology for academic misconduct

Dear Mr. Oliver,

Please accept my apologies for submitting a plagiarized essay for the last assignment. Though I knew the act was wrong, I didn’t follow my conscience to do what is right. I aimed to get the best grade, though through dubious means.

After a deep reflection of my action and the punishment I received, I concluded that I always have to do the right thing no matter the circumstances. I’ll take my studies seriously to attain the best grades. This incident will not be repeated in days to come.

Thank you for your correction and for showing me the right way.

With respect,

Mark Kimberly

Apology letter for examination misconduct

Dear teacher Mercy,

Please accept my apologies for cheating during the end of term exams.

Though I know our school doesn’t tolerate this behavior, I proceeded and cheated in a bid to earn excellent grades. I didn’t follow my conscience though deep within m I knew it was wrong.

After this ordeal, I have resolved that will never cheat in exams again n matter the circumstances.

Please accept my apologies and consider a less severe punishment for the mistake.

I’m thanking you and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Victor Georges

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